Supernal Sunday – May 28, 2023 Edition

Trumpets. I love trumpets and have been thinking about trumpets. So today I will share a little bit about trumpets, and God’s kingdom. If you follow through, from top to bottom, you can kind of follow my train of thought!

THIS is an excellent place in which to start. The writer gives depth and passion to his subject. I loved this FABULOUS piece!

Now that you’ve read this, here are some graphics that caught my eye and my heart on the subject:

Did you also sing this in your head as you read these lyrics?

I sang this one too…God has often used trumpets to get our attention! (The photo is a shofar, though.)

One of the important feasts of the Jewish calendar is the Feast Of The Trumpets, which leads into ten days of repentance for holiness to God; both the shofar and the hazozerah (trumpet of the priests) are used.

We can’t talk about trumpets without thinking of Jesus’ triumphant return to earth – a time that every Christian longs for – with the sound of the trumpet!

Of course, we don’t know when this will happen, but we do know THAT it will happen…and HOW it will!

And then…AND THEN…perhaps the most important trumpets of ALL!

(See also What Are The Seven Trumpets of Revelation?)

The sound of God’s trumpet is like no other…

Only the sound of the Trumpet keeps me from going home

If things had been left up to me I’d been gone such a long time ago

I am ready to fly away, oh I’m so anxious for the rapture day

Everything’s in order my record’s straight

Can anyone understand I just can’t wait!


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