Supernal Sunday – March 6, 2022 Edition

First: Rich Maffeo’s post for the first Sunday amid Lent is HERE, if you wish to join me in being edified, moved, and convicted by it. He has had some fantastic posts on his blog this week, I hope that you can read some – or all! – of them. They are always time well-spent!

Second: I wrote about the start of Lent last week, and have planned a series of Supernal Sunday posts that will share, topically and in a series, the meaning of this entire season of Lent leading up to the day we celebrate the Resurrection, and beyond. Last week the theme was Glory for the last Sunday before the season starts (for many Christians); this week the theme is Sin. This is why we need a Savior. This is why there IS a season of the year where we remember and contemplate…starting with sin. If we don’t acknowledge this, if we don’t let our own sin break our hearts, then we won’t ever know the need we have of Him and His work in our lives.


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