Supernal Sunday – March 17, 2024 Edition

I started with a vague “heaven vs. earth” concept today…then as I was finding verses they were leading me in a certain direction. I found the graphics for the verses, and they “just fell” into order (there is no such thing as a coincidence or an accident when we are in Christ so I say that with a sense of irony!). These verses and quotes tell a story, read it carefully so you will hear it.

Start the music below, if you wish, as you make your way through the slides.

5 thoughts on “Supernal Sunday – March 17, 2024 Edition

  1. Many declare (in words or thoughts) that God (if He exists) is aloof. They think that God is exactly like the neighbor across the fence they occasionally wave at.
    Yet Scripture tells us that for those who enter heaven: “God Himself will dry their tears.”
    That’s mighty personal.
    That alone is worth trusting in Him.

  2. Eye has not seen, ear has not heard….

    Heaven will be truly magnificent!!

    Thank God for His indescribable gifts and for our Heavenly homes.

    1. It will be so far beyond what we can imagine…but we always try to compare it to things we know here…we’ll probably be so surprised and delighted and joyful – I can’t wait!

      1. So true! I look forward to meeting you there. I imagine your mansion will be large and full of lots of pets. 🐶🐱 🦢

        You have such a wonderful online ministry. You are doing a fantastic job encouraging others and spreading joy. I do not always see your responses to comments. But, on days that my pain level will not allow me to leave the house, your website is a bright spot.

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