Supernal Sunday – Jan. 22, 2023: Going Toward God? Or Away?

Many are the times that Christians can stray from the way that leads home. Often it unintentional. There are many reasons. One is to invite straying by neglecting time in – and study of – the Word, and in prayer. Some red flags are finding ourselves thinking “just this once” or “it won’t hurt” or “I’ve seen so-and-so do it” or making any other of a number of rationalizations or excuses. 99.9% of the time we find ourselves rationalizing a behavior or intent, it is to make it seem right in our own eyes. (See Isaiah 5:21)

Why do I bring these up today? I started following Christ on March 7, 1976. That’s a lot of years of making mistakes and finding myself veering off the path. I speak from experience, lots of experience I wish I didn’t have, but hopefully will save someone else from the grief I’ve caused myself.

2 thoughts on “Supernal Sunday – Jan. 22, 2023: Going Toward God? Or Away?

  1. There’s power, Power, POWER in these words. For us. For now. For ever.

    Wouldn’t small posters of these succinctly and eloquently expressed biblical truths be wonderful? I love the words and graphics combination of every one of them.

    Thank you for sharing, Sher.

    1. I agree – 100%! And YES, they would be wonderful, what a great idea! I can see them as an arrangement on a wall, like you see those tiny framed pictures!

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