Supernal Sunday – Jan 21, 2024: Today We Went To Church

Something different today, no memes or music, just me telling you about church…

We always went to church. And the churches we’ve been involved in, we’ve been HEAVILY involved in. Very active. We were there just about every time the doors were open. Often, I used my music in worship. We have been members of small groups. We tithed, and then some. We worshiped and fellowshipped and got fed and supported others – especially our pastors, especially in prayer. Our circle of friends have been mostly from our churches…

Church has been a serious part of our lives as Christians; we live for Jesus 24/7. But we spurred one another on toward love and good deeds, encouraged each other, and were in the habit of meeting together at church. And took our grandkids with us. Leelan grew up in his early years going to church with us. He had memorized dozens of Bible verses and talked to God daily, choosing to live for Jesus when he was 4, and baptized when he was a little older.

Then we left home. Bought our motorhome and started living on the road, and traveling. We weren’t able to go to our own church, and there was no satisfaction in others. Our church was home. Our pastor and his wife were our friends – as was everyone else there. It was our family. We even parked in the church parking lot just so we could be there…but when we were on the road, there was no church…

Casey eventually bought her first home, and she and Leelan and little Lyra moved there. Pete and I decided to stay nearby for a while, and found a church to take the kids to every Sunday. They loved it. Church, VBS, all of it. Then covid. And no church… During this time we moved to this county, and Casey moved further away also. An hour away now. Pete and I talked about finding a church here, and there were several possibilities, but we had a burden for Leelan and Lyra – and now Luna – as well. So we put it off, looking around for a church near to them, but could find nothing that we thought would be a good match.

Then the kids were here one weekend not too long ago and Lyra (9) started asking questions about God. The answers led to discussion. This was all new to Luna (4), and as I talked about who Jesus is, and His time on earth, and why He came, her eyes got wider and wider. Finally, about to burst, she said, “Ugma, I have to tell Mommy and Daddy about Him!” She was so excited about this Jesus who loved her so much… Meanwhile Leelan (14) had gotten his Bible out, and started reading from it…then Pete got one for Lyra…and the 4 of us took turns reading the Word while Luna listened intently but with great excitement. After a couple of hours the two older ones said, “Ugma when are we going to go back to church?”

That evening lit a fire under me and I was determined that we’d find a place to take them in their new area. And this time I saw a church right off the bat that I had seen no mention of anywhere previously (though it had been around)…God’s timing is everything. The kids were hungry, the kids were more than ready… I read everything I could find about the church and the pastor, and watched numerous videos of the messages. I saw the photos of the family activities, and lots of kids. And most of all, I “just knew”.

So today, that’s where we went. Pete and me, Leelan, Lyra, and Luna. Together. And they loved it. Leelan took notes throughout the message, and knew most of the songs. The girls’ eyes lit up and they excitedly told me every time more kids walked in the door. Pete and I really REALLY enjoyed the message, and the pastor’s delivery. People were welcoming and friendly. And even better, in the car afterward Luna told me that they talked about Jesus. Lyra was so happy to be back with other kids talking about Jesus. And Leelan…he has his copious notes that he proudly showed me later in his little notebook.

Yeah. Today we went to church.

2 thoughts on “Supernal Sunday – Jan 21, 2024: Today We Went To Church

  1. This is wonderful!! You found a church that is good for your family. 🙂🙂 Such a beautiful story of God leading you.
    I heard Pastor Jimmy Evans explain the parable of the wise virgins, keeping the oil in their lamps filled, versus the foolish virgins. He explained that in the end times, only 1/2 of the churches will be preaching the truth and the other 1/2 will be false preachers. So, if you found a church that is godly, you are so fortunate. To God be the glory for blessing you so richly in this regard.

    1. I agree…God sees the whole big picture and makes matches based on so much more than we can know! That is horrific that only half of churches will be preaching the truth! I’m all about being true to the Word and expect the same from my pastor. To God be the glory indeed! 🙌 👑 ✝️ 👑 🙌

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