Supernal Sunday – April 28, 2024 Edition: What’s Next?

I actually have no idea what’s next. The Word tells us what is to come, and in this day in age there is a lot of talk about that. But next? I don’t know. Trying to even discuss end times prophesy within the scope of a simple blog post, written from a simple mind with a simple level of understanding, is absolutely impossible. However, I get inspiration and even joy from reading what will come, what God has in store for the world, and for eternity. I may not understand it all, but I do know that certain things will have to happen first, and eventually things will be so glorious that we cannot imagine. And those are the things I am sharing with you here. No more, no less. Because they keep my eyes on Jesus, on eternity, on my Home, and frankly, they thrill me!

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