Supernal Sunday – April 2, 2023: Why Did Jesus Die?

This is a little different this week. Rather than putting everything out there, I am sharing some Scriptures that are appropriate for the Holy Week to allow you to do the work of reading them, meditating on them, praying them into your heart, and considering them throughout the week. One at a time, as you take them in, in preparation for what we all know is to come…

I have selected Epoch as a background for these Scriptures as you read through them; click to play if you wish to use it.

(Click on the graphic to open the lightbox and see the rest of them.)

As always, I not only invite, but urge you to read these Scriptures in context in your own Bible, look up commentaries and cross references if you are so led. They are meant to be a starting point as we reflect on what we are remembering this week.

One thought on “Supernal Sunday – April 2, 2023: Why Did Jesus Die?

  1. Be sure to click on the graphic to see more. I missed it. Had to ask Sherry to show me how I missed clicking on it. Great message, my Love.

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