Sunday Visitors; Amazing Maisie

It was a chillier day today but the sun was bright so we decided to make a fire in the firepit and enjoy God’s creation anyway!

I don’t recall if I’ve shared Maisie’s story, or how God made her perfect for me and got us together, what she was like, etc. but she was a wild child. Literally feral, no training whatsoever, nothing. The rescue did teach her to sit but other than that, she was out of control. And she’d lived so long on a short chain that her pulling muscles were VERY well-developed; she could literally pull me off my feet. AND she’s got a lot of hunter in her, and has used those muscles to get away from – or drag – me after a chipmunk or a cat or any other animal within eyesight. I’ve had her 2½ years, and with constant work and training for much of that time she has become an amazing service dog for me…but still I am often amazed at how far she has come…

So we were sitting at the fire today when some visitors started coming toward us. And Maisie – well, look!

She just sat quietly and watched them approach. She was alert, as you can see, but quiet and still. Even though she’s been becoming the perfect dog, this is something I thought I’d never see.

Here are some photos of the visitors, they ended up about 40′ from us, seeing what the birds left behind.

OH! And the other visitors…my sister and her husband and their little Annie…we let them sit around the fire with us rather than scavenge after the birds and deer were done.

We didn’t go to church today, not remembering if I told you that we had some car trouble this past week? They couldn’t get it in the shop until tomorrow, so we didn’t drive it the 130 miles (round trip). I was able to walk without the walker again today though, for short distances (which is all I can do anyway), so I was very thankful for that – it’s been a rough week for pain and getting around, it makes me really appreciate it after a few days “down”! 🙌

So that was our day, we had some of the best fires of the season too! Lots to be thankful for.


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