Sunday Fun Day With Lyra

Our 6YO granddaughter Lyra has been here since Friday and is going home tomorrow. She is SO much fun! We did a lot of stuff yesterday, were out and about, but today I couldn’t do much of anything (high pain/low mobility) so we hung out here and did stuff. We played our ukuleles – she has a little soprano uke that looks like a watermelon – and she made wonderful things with some waxy malleable stringy substance that we got for her (photo below). We also watched lots of Veggie Tales on YippeeTV (we get them a yearly subscription) and one of the Camp New movies on EncourageTV; ate pizza and snacks, and talked about everything under the sun. I’m going to miss this kid SO MUCH when she goes home! I think I enjoy her so much because she reminds me of her mommy when Casey was her age, she was also a very fun and funny kid and as a single mom we really had a great time together too. Anyway, here are a few pictures from the day.

Here she is having “breakfast dessert” of gummy worms. (She’s allergic to my parrots, so blows her nose a lot, hence the TP “tissues” next to her.)

This is the crown, the bouquet, the necklace, and the ring that she made with the craft material we’d gotten her.

These are the nails she decorated in her Hello Kitty Nail Salon game. (I keep my last phone here for her to play games on when she’s visiting, there’s no phone service on it and, unless we’re adding games, no wifi enabled either.)

THEN when I took a little nap she used her “phone” to take some pictures, which I downloaded to show you here.

10:47 p.m. – finally fell asleep, sweet angel…

3 thoughts on “Sunday Fun Day With Lyra

  1. I can’t believe Lyra is 6….I can see and hear you describe the joy she brings…..sounds like you guys had a nice day together…..That’s so neat that she reminds you of Casey at her age…..Hope your doing better hear you have a cold….you and Pete always in my prayers….hope all is calm in your state and that you all have already voted not have to deal with that day…..enjoy your beautiful site and feel better sending you love…..:-)…Debbie

    1. Lyra is definitely something special. We were talking with the kids about the things we love about them (too many to mention!) and I remember telling Lyra that she brings people joy. And it’s so true! I don’t really know what’s happening in my state, but in my corner of it all is well :). Cold is better, “I’m able to sit up and take nourishment” as my dad used to say hahaha! Love you too my friend!

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