Such An Exciting Day!!!

Some days are just great. Or, as I wrote in a favorite group

So the day started with a frustrated husband for whom things had been going wrong this morning. While I had my coffee we tried to work through his most annoying issue, that the living room TV wouldn’t connect to the internet so he could watch his shows while having his morning soup, as is his habit but usually over in Junior. And yes, we did resolve it, eventually.

After that I got dressed and we headed to town to take care of some business, followed by a stop at the library. Because the township in which we live has voted down library millages the residents here have to pay a yearly fee to use its resources, so we did that (our first time getting a library card here). While Pete was inside I recorded the first part of today’s vlog; when he came out he seemed excited and handed me a card in an envelope to open. Inside was a lovely greeting card and note; he’d told the librarian that yesterday was our anniversary, and she lit right up and asked if the library-for-a-year was an anniversary gift, he said, “Yes, sure” so she went through some greeting cards until she found one, then wrote it out with a happy anniversary message – so darling! And he was thrilled to give it to me. That was a HUGE day brightener to start our day out and about!

The next thing we drove out to the Amish cheese factory to get some…well, cheese…and they had some huge cinnamon rolls there, so of course I HAD to get one, cinnamon rolls being my favorite sweet treat and all, and the young Amish gal told me they’d been made fresh that morning – WOW! They make them on Wednesdays and Fridays…so I told her I’d see her next Wednesday too! They also had a few other goodies that we were excited about (jars of lovely “baby beets” – I LOVE beets! – and some blueberry sugar-free snacks for Pete, he also got some multi-colored popcorn)…and then we moved on to the next Amish store just around the corner, which we hadn’t visited in probably 20 years, LONG before we ever thought we’d live in the area!

They had some WONDERFUL offerings in this store also, many more things we like than we’d remembered. So we commented to the young ladies as we check out and said we’ll probably be back weekly…but she said, “Just so you know, though, we’ll be moving soon.” Pete and I just looked at each other because about 1½ miles from our house the Amish have been building a store for several weeks, and we’ve been trying to guess what it will be. And, YUP, it’s going to be THIS store!! I was so excited!!!! They said that the store will be much larger (which we could see), and also they’ll have a deli counter, and hand-dipped ice cream, and lots of other great things too! At this point I thought my day couldn’t get any better than this. But I was wrong!

Also discovered while chatting with these young ladies: They asked how far we live from their new store and we gave them the general area, and they asked if we were near a specific house, and we are, very close. She told us that some newlyweds lived there that she knew. Well, a young couple had just purchased that house a few months ago and built a barn for their horse and they were extremely friendly, waving every time we drove past. So Pete asked, “Is that ‘Patsy’ [not her real name] that just moved in there?” because “Patsy” had been the cashier at the Amish general store about a mile from us, and he and she had chatted a lot, he knew she was going to get married this past spring…and yes, it’s her! Right across the road from where our lane emerges at the road! I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, we DO live in a very close-knit community!

Almost giddy by now, we decided to drive to eat at another town not too far away which has a couple of restaurants we’ve enjoyed in the past. But they were closed. So we went to the next-closest town to a favorite place, and their 2 specials on the board were AYCE walleye which Pete loves, and broasted chicken, which is a favorite of mine! What “luck” eh? (Yes, we realize that there is no such thing as “luck” for those whose steps are ordered by the Lord!) I ended up getting the walleye too, though and it was fantastic, one of the best meals I’ve had in a while! 4 big pieces, and meals that were way better than any we’d eaten at the other places that were closed today! I ate half of my fish plus my salad from the salad bar, and brought the rest of my fish and all of my potatoes home for another meal for Pete tomorrow.

So not only did God give us so much excitement today, but it was about the most perfect day, weather-wise, that you can imagine. The high was in the mid-70s, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and there was a light breeze too. We were able to experience such joy in the Lord as He laid out blessing after blessing before us! And when we got home I sat at my keyboard and worshiped in song, thanking Him for that gift also.

I couldn’t wait to sit down to write this post and share my day with all of you! There are, of course, more details in the vlog which I will link HERE when I get it posted.

And I will leave you with these words, from 1Peter 5:5b-7…
God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.
Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, so that he may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your cares on him, because he cares about you.

2 thoughts on “Such An Exciting Day!!!

  1. God sure surprised us at every turn. You’d say “can it get any better than this” and God would show us, yes, it can get better than this.

    A note to people not following God…. Never ever, when having a bad day, ask can it get any worse than this? Then it does. You just opened a door for Satan to show you how much more worse it can get. God gives good gifts, Satan comes to seek, kill and destroy.

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