St. Ignace & Mackinac City Trip

On Monday (10/13) a couple of friends and I drove up across the bridge to see what we could see in St. Ignace. Stopped at our favorite gift shop and bought a few trinkets, got some photos from the west side of “the bridge”, then went to Mackinac City for lunch and shopping. It was a great day! Of course I took some photos to share here with you…I’ll divide them into different galleries – as always, click on one of the pictures to bring it up to full size, then on the arrows to move through the rest of them.

These first few photos are of the Mighty Mac, taken from the upper peninsula side, west of the bridge. The colors in the foreground were brilliant, but since it was a cloudy day they appear dull in the pictures. I don’t know enough about editing to make them look like what I actually saw.

The next group of photos is from the restaurant where we had lunch. It had a great western theme but even better, the food was GREAT!!

The next few pictures were the only shots I took of the shopping district. It was incredibly windy, sprinkling on and off, and my pain levels were pretty high. In fact I ended up waiting in the car while my friends finished walking around the area and going in the shops. Not complaining, just explaining why there are so few pictures of our time after lunch.

The last gallery shows the amazing colors – even in the dreary weather – as we were driving home. Had the sun been out, I’d have been blinded!

It was really a fun day, I was glad there were 3 of us so the other 2 could still have fun together, and they did! Can’t wait to do it again next year!


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