Sometimes We Just Have Bad Days.

Every so often we all have a bad day. My bad days are usually caused by chaos in my brain. I haven’t really talked about my health stuff, only because I keep forgetting, but I’ll tell you just a little bit here.

When I had a stroke in 2008 it affected how my brain processes input. To put it very simply, overload of one kind or another sets of what I can only describe as chaos, which can spiral out of control quickly, making it impossible for me to form coherent thoughts or carry on coherent conversation (or ANY thoughts or conversation at times).

So today it was particularly bad…making it a particularly bad day. And therefore no blog posts until now, after a nap that my brain apparently needed. It is miserable.

Our bank recently changed hands. Today I placed orders online and my card was declined. Calling the bank they repeatedly asked me verification information about my account which I gave to each person with whom I spoke. Then I had to punch the same information into my phone, following the instructions in a recorded message. One of the items was “wrong” according to the recording, so the last CSR asked me for it – again – verbally. I gave it to her again and it was correct. This continued several more times, the recorded voice wouldn’t accept my answer, the CSR did. Then she – the real person – after an hour on the phone, told me now she didn’t know how she could help me since the recording kept taking the wrong information, and that’s when the chaos hit. I do recall saying something about that making it their problem instead of mine, that I’d been jumping through hoops for an hour, and that was that, as far as I can recall.

And I was done for the day, until after a short nap several hours later.

Anyway, as time goes on it seems to happen a little less often, in addition I’ve found some supplements that have helped lessen the frequency, if not the severity, of the episodes…but today just happened.

So that’s the deal with my day, and I’ll be back at it tomorrow.


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