Something Very Cool Happened Yesterday!

When I got Maisie in May 2018 I had 2 different DNA tests done. One of the companies sends me notes when another dog’s DNA shows a relationship between that dog and Maisie. So far they have found a number of her relatives with scores of 27% shared DNA (a grandparent, half-sibling, or aunt/uncle) or 12% (as related as first cousins – there are LOTS of these!). But yesterday I got an email from them telling me they had a new relative so I went to their website and before I even read it I recognized the photo of Maisie’s handsome son Titus!

When Maisie was rescued she had 6 puppies. When I was still on Facebook I was connected with two owners of her puppies. Titus was one of them. Since leaving FB of course I haven’t been in contact with either of them, so it was an absolutely thrill seeing Titus and getting a nice note from his owner! He is quite a handsome lad and very accomplished as a dock jumper…if I recall he is also doing some nose work as well. Anyway, that is so exciting and I wanted to share it.

You can also read Maisie’s rescue story HERE, and see some pictures. She was likely barely a year old when she was rescued, if she’d been bred on her first heat which is likely since she hadn’t even come close to achieving full growth. She gained additional height and length as well as weight and muscle in those early months with me, ending up at more than double the weight but also about 25% in overall size.

I think often of what my gurl must have gone through in those early days, but she and her babies have made a whole bunch of us happy and I don’t think Maisie even thinks about it anymore. She’s a happy gurl who lives in the moment, tail always high and wagging, enjoying whatever life brings with enthusiasm and joy. And I know that Titus and his siblings are living their best lives too!


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