Some Changes Coming!

I’m excited that I’m working on several new things for this blog!

First, rather than the What I’m About page greeting everyone who visits every time, I will have a prominent link to it for newcomers. And I will be adding an index of posts. I’m looking at several plug-ins to accomplish this, but for those of my friends from other social media platforms who aren’t used to finding their way around blogs I want to make it easier to find what they’re looking for.

Second, I’m looking at a forum-type plug-in for the main page. I have wanted a place just to jot down miscellaneous thoughts or short newsy posts, and where people can respond easily and quickly, and where I can also highlight special posts, such as birthday or anniversary wishes, that might otherwise be missed.

Lastly, I will be introducing a section where I will share what I’ve been talking about elsewhere on social media. While most of my posts continue to be here, I do participate on other sites occasionally. And some of those posts, I believe, should also be shared here, with my bestest blog buddies. That will start happening soon also!

While many blogs highlight issues or topics for the most part, I have worked at making this blog more varied in its approach. Showing memes and cartoons and snippets of things that have meaning to me is, in fact, one way of expressing myself and probably less cumbersome than many words on a page. Though there are some “lots of words” posts, they are the exception. I’m going for quick, easy, enjoyable – and hopefully succeeding at that goal.

So, as time permits, you will be seeing things change a bit here and there. I will look forward to reading your thoughts on the changes as they occur…meanwhile, I’m happy that so many are visiting!


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