Social Saturday – Jan 27, 2024 Edition

I haven’t written too many Social Saturday posts of late, things have just been humming along as I use and enjoy my Mastodon accounts (one of which is where I do all that moderating I keep talking about, the other I simply enjoy) and my Gab account, mainly. I love all 3 places, and would be hard-pressed to choose between them if I had to! I also spend a little time on Matrix with some friends, and am on Telegram although not using it nearly as much as I thought I would. (I have deleted my Mewe account due to some changes they are making this year that I don’t want to be part of. ) The majority of my online time, though, is spent on – and for – my sites. This one, and ChiaChow. It isn’t only about posting – not by far! I also collect information, graphics, and content to share, most of which needs to be edited, with alt-texts added to the graphics for meme galleries…together, these are nearly a full-time job. THAT I LOVE!

It is, as I have said in the past, all about time. Around the work on/for my sites I do my moderating, usually for quite a while in the morning, the same at night, and periodically for shorter periods throughout the day. Most of my Gab time is in the mornings…most of my freeatlantis time is in the evenings. But depending on the day, it can vary… If I ever an able to have a “real life” I’m not sure when I would manage it! 😜

So why on earth did I join yet another platform?? Well, it’s like this: I heard about Xephula the other day for the first time even though it’s been around for a few years, the name intrigued me so I looked it up, checked it out, got an account so that I could look around, liked some of what I saw, did a little posting, set up my profile, got welcomed…and now, there I am. It’s been just over 24 hours, I have some thoughts:
– There is a lot of inactivity there. Looking around at profiles, pages, and groups, most of what I saw hasn’t been used in at LEAST 2 years, and most longer than that. (The ability to sort their lists by dates-last-used would be quite helpful there!)
– There are a number of people who have “pro” accounts, so it definitely has its loyal members.
– It is way more political than I typically like. I was hard-pressed to find members whose posts weren’t all about politics and related news. They may be there, I’ve only been on the site about 24 hours.
– I saw some beautiful things, by a single poster (who is also on Gab, which is where I find the most beautiful things of any platform I use)…so I’m hopeful there will be more as I look around.
– The site’s “CTO” is very involved; I love to see that! (I’d love to see the nearly-empty 4-year-old accounts purged too, but that’s just me)
It’s ONLY been a day at this point. These are only first impressions, nothing more…

Not sure what I think yet, haven’t had time. I did have fun – and am having fun – sharing some of my memes there. I have thousands of them, and many are humorous yet politically leaning, which I don’t share on my own sites – I like people to come here to enjoy themselves, escape the stresses of life – one of which is politics. So I set up a page there to use those. (They are quite tame and respectful – no hate, no name-calling; no matter where I post I am a Christian first and foremost. They simply make a point in a subtle, often humorous, way.)

Still, though, the vast majority of my online time, as far as I can foresee, will continue to be spent on my own sites, Mastodon, and Gab, as they have been for so long.

2 thoughts on “Social Saturday – Jan 27, 2024 Edition

    1. I thought the same thing when I went the first time. But most platforms are becoming much less welcoming to those who won’t create an account…

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