So This is What Happened…

I was in my Wise Chat room and someone named Anonymous3 joined but didn’t speak, and I got a notice that I had left the chat, though I was clearly there. I typed, “Hi, Anonymous3, how is your Monday going?” and saw that my words were after his/her name, as if s/he had typed them. Odd. My spidey sense told me that something was wrong so I wanted to kick Anonymous3 out of the chat but I didn’t have my admin privileges anymore. Within a minute s/he also left the chat and I was sitting there gobsmacked.

The first thing I did was take down the chat (by deleting the Wise Chat short code off the page completely), then I searched forums and the website for Wise Chat to learn about what happened, but I couldn’t find anyone else reporting such a thing…

So the chat window is still gone. I have learned that I can either allow anyone – even anonymous users – to join my chats, OR I can limit them to only people who are logged into their WP accounts. Since most of my family and friends – who I am ever-hopeful will someday use my chat with me (that’s why it’s so important to me, because THEY are so important to me) – don’t have a WordPress account, that isn’t an option.

I don’t know what will happen here, but I WILL have a chat box up here. I hope it’s this one since I’m familiar with it now, it looks good, and I paid for it, and I hope it can be secure, and I hope it will be soon.

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2 thoughts on “So This is What Happened…

  1. I don’t know why people with intelligence who do this stuff have nothing better to do with their talents. Guess maybe its so they can show off to the others of his ilk that he did something destructive for some kind of imagined bragging rights. If I had that kind of talent I would use it to better myself and others. Apparently though, one with such talents would rather be destructive to others and live in a digital world of other destructive people. I am sure they don’t care what Jesus would say or has said but this is what He did say “What you have done to the least of my brothers, you have done to Me.” So, even though these people of talents who use those talents for destruction, in the end they will meet Jesus face to face, What good will their talents be then? Telling Jesus – oh I was just having fun or I was just showing off my talents – will not get them into Heaven but will be in Hell with those he was just having fun with or just showing off to. God have mercy on their souls/

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