Sisters Take A Trip – Day 5

I didn’t really take many pictures of Day 5, as I was doing the driving back up to Michigan. It was a nice drive, about 9½ hours of total travel time (7½ hours of drive time, after stops), low 80’s and sunny temps, so a good day for a drive. Since we didn’t take the freeway back we were able to see several charming small towns along the way, too. And no city traffic once we passed Cincinnati, let alone the dreaded rush hours…

We stopped to eat at a sports bar type place for lunch, I was so hungry I forgot to take a photo of my meal which was a delicious combo plate with 2 sliders, zig-zaggy fries (my favorite), and Frickins Chicken Chunks with sweet chili sauce and blue cheese dip – plus a side of cole slaw. (Though this wasn’t one, I’ve found that oftentimes combo appetizers make the perfect sized meal!)

So not much to write about. We got back to Gwen’s at about 9:00, after dark, so I just crashed on her davenport and Pete picked me up early the next morning. Below are the few photos I did take on the way home.

4 thoughts on “Sisters Take A Trip – Day 5

    1. You’ve probably seen it by now, on yesterday’s vlog…I’m also about to upload the clip onto a new post here :). Love you too!

  1. I remember “Infant Holy, Infant Lowly” from my first communion at St. Rose of Lima in the 1960’s.
    Don’t lose contact with me. You’re a great friend to have around.

    1. I don’t remember anything about my first communion, except that I had to wear white gloves, and got a little prayer book from somebody, and my first transistor radio from somebody else LOL!

      I will be online until I die probably :). And since we swapped contact information, I think we’ll stay in touch, I feel the same, and would hate to lose track of you too!

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