Sisters Take A Trip – Day 4

Today we took a drive to Versailles, KY to look around.

Who knew you could use a tablet as a mirror to get ready in the morning???

We saw this on the way to Versailles. Will have to find out the story sometime…

One of our first stops was lunch at a delightful little diner. My burger was fantastic!

We were really taken with this charming town!

After a couple of quick stops (Dollar Tree and another bargain place) we got some cones. Today’s flavor was Creamy Lemon Crumble – YUM!

Lovely sunset greeted us back at the motel!

Tomorrow we will drive back up to Michigan. I will of course share here our last day of travel together. I have really had a fun time, but there’s no place like home, right?

4 thoughts on “Sisters Take A Trip – Day 4

  1. Looked up the Kentucky Castle – ritzy, glitzy restaurant & event center. Too $$$$$$$$ for me!! Purty building, though.

  2. I’ve been prettymuch obsessed with Culver’s lately. Their pretzel bites and spicy chicken sandwich are sooooo good!

    1. And guess what town is getting a Culver’s? THIS TOWN, that’s who! ??????

      I haven’t had the pretzel bites yet, will try those next time!

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