Sisters Take A Trip – Day 3

Today was a more laid-back day. My sister went out and about while I stayed in the room. That gave me time to catch up on replying to comments both here and on my vlog, as well as play my ukulele for a while and get a leisurely hot shower. Those are something most people who live in RVs don’t get very often!

My sister got back late in the afternoon and asked if I wanted to go get some dinner. We went to Captain D’s which I thought would be kind of like Long John Silvers (greasy and heavy) but it was much lighter, not greasy at all, and delicious! On my plate are corn, mac’n’cheese, stuffed crab cakes, hush puppies, fish fillets, popcorn shrimp, and butterflied shrimp. And I drank iced tea.

When we got back into the car my sister showed me a dragonfly that had flown into her car earlier today, and didn’t survive. But he was, at least, intact…

When we got back to the room there was a spider waiting in the bathroom for us. I’d only seen one of these – nearly 2″ long – before in my life. We took several photos before she stomped him.

And that was our day. Tomorrow will be our last full day here, then we’re leaving for Michigan Friday morning. It is a great, fun trip, but I will be ready to be home by the time I get there!

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