Sisters Take A Trip – Day 2

First place we went was where Gwen had an appointment. Since there are stairs leading up to the office I waited in the car.

Next she had an appointment to look at a possible apartment.

We ate at Cheddar’s today. I only eat one meal/day when I’m not eating my normal LCHF; this helps keep the inflammation down, mostly. I had a steak and ribs combo with beans, and a broccoli cheddar casserole. I brought half the ribs back with me so that I could also have a piece of cheesecake.

And that is how our day went, mostly. We also drove around the area quite a bit so that Gwen could see different apartment complexes and also neighborhoods, as well as familiarize herself with things.

But I also wanted to talk about Maisie. I know this is one of my favorite topics. This is really the first time I’ve been away from her since I got her (May 2018) but mostly since I started using her as my assistance dog which is most of that time. I started training her to meet my needs once we had enough of a bond that she wanted to please me.

So just since we arrived here late yesterday afternoon I was aware of things she does for me, but it hit hard at bedtime. Her last job of the day is always to lay on my legs, which are quite painful and swollen by bedtime. Her weight and body heat relaxes them and eases the pain before I go to sleep. Though she doesn’t think of this time as a “job”, it definitely is one of her most important ones.

This morning I really noticed her absence though. First sitting up in bed, she wasn’t at my side to throw my arm over her shoulders to steady myself while the spasms eased up along my spine, just from sitting up. Carrying my things into the bathroom to prepare for my shower…*I* had to carry them myself, rather than hand things to her and say, “Bring it” while she walks alongside me. While in there I wanted my phone for some music, and had she been here I could have sent her to bring it to me from the desk, a painful 25′ walk for me so I did without. Then as I was getting dressed I was dropping things – articles of clothing and such – that she would have instantly handed to me, rather than me having to slowly (yes, and painfully) retrieve them myself. When I was pulling on my pants the end of the leg got caught around my toe and that leg doesn’t bend properly anymore so I would have pointed to it, said “pull” and she would have fixed the problem. Sitting on the bed, getting ready to leave, I wanted to put something in my purse and could have told her “get my purse” and had it in my hand within seconds, rather than hobbling, bent over, to retrieve it for myself.

These are just examples….but we’re a team, from morning until night, and I am finding out just how desperately I miss her, and not only because I love her so much, but because of all of her help. When I first started looking for a dog to train to my needs back in 2017 I thought such a dog would make my life easier and take some of the burden off of my husband. Little did I know that, as time went on and I lost abilities, how invaluable she would become. She knows me and my needs so well that there are things I’ve never taught her that she just DOES. It is hard to explain that kind of a bond. She is the 14th dog I’ve had in my life and I have loved them all. But I’ve never worked with one in such a personal way, from morning until night, until now. This is a bond that is different and that I can’t explain.

But I know that she misses me, and misses her work, as much as I miss her.

6 thoughts on “Sisters Take A Trip – Day 2

  1. You really know how to bring tears to a person’s eyes don’t you. I know you and Maisie miss each other…but you will be reunited in just a few more days. Got lots done today, and now I’m going to bed. I’m so exhausted!

  2. I give her tasks to do to keep her from being mindlessly bored. The usual routine of fetching Chuy’s food dish, her food dish, the pot holder and I have added fetching my bracelets (3) in the morning. Last night I said Oh-Oh while she was in the living room on the couch and she came running. I said Where’s my ‘mote (TV remote) and she found it. Then said Oh-Oh where’s my mouse and she found it and brought it to me. I miss you but I know she misses her Mom more.

    1. I am SO GLAD you’re giving her work to do! That is helping her I know, she hates when she doesn’t have work to do….I very much appreciate that, my love!
      I can’t even tell you how much I miss you, especially since you sent me that picture that’s on my phone now…I’m really enjoying this trip, we’re having a great time together as always, but I will be happy to be back home too ❣️ ❣️ ❣️ ❣️ ❣️

  3. Aww, I know how much you love her and must miss her. I really missed mine when I went to visit Rosemary my youngest. Hope your having a good time….the food looked really yummy….haven’t watched your update but will….I gather you are on a short trip….Hope all is well with Gwen….haven’t figured out yet why she is looking at apartments….Know you and Pete are in my prayers daily….love you both…..:-)…Debbie

    1. Yes, they’ll be moving down here late summer/fall – they fell in love with the place years ago when Don was in seminary here and always have planned to retire to the area. Of course Gwen won’t be retired, but she’s excited about starting up her practice. So they’re getting a small apartment until they find a house to buy, and so Gwen can be here working on her business while Don finishes up his Bug Man commitment. By the time he’s done she should be established and then he’ll join her and they’ll find a house to buy. It will be so strange being so far from her again, we haven’t lived this far since Don was in seminary and I lived in the Toledo area. Love you too!

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