Saturday Sundries – June 4, 2022 Edition

A new occasional post for those weeks when, like this one, I have some bits and pieces to share that didn’t fit in anywhere during the week.

This is my new yard ornament I bought in Indiana but didn’t have any photos of before. Pete mounted it on the stump where our driveway meets the lane. There won’t be many people that see it there, but if I put it down at the road it will get muddy and dirty and, possibly, stolen (though crime is very low here!)…besides I love seeing it every time I turn into the driveway, especially at night when my headlights shine on it! It’s pretty big – 20″ across – and very unique! It is one of my favorite purchases ever!

I have a couple of more “Amazing Maisie” stories.

This week we were sitting outside, the dogs on their long leashes, and Chuy pulled his away from where I had it loosely looped. I said to Pete, “Can you reach that?” and Maisie got up from where she was laying, picked up his leash, and handed it to me. HAHAHAHA!!! That’s a first, and not something I’ve ever taught her. So a little while later I repeated it, and sure enough she picked it right up and handed it to me. What a gurl!

Earlier today I was playing my keyboard, which sits atop two 3-drawer cabinets about a foot apart. (Hey, living in an RV we get our storage where we can!) As I play, my sustain pedal gradually slides away from me and I have to kick off my shoe to hook my big toe under it to pull it back every so often. The second time I had to do it, I said to Maisie, “I sure wish you could bring my pedal back to me, gurl!” She got up and walked to the back of the keyboard, put her paw on the pedal, and looked at me. Once again, she understood what I was saying though she hasn’t been taught! Moving it back underneath the keyboard and back between the cabinets would have been awkward for her, I’m pretty sure she was saying, “Well I would, but I’m not sure how to manage that!”

Since my trip – which included another fall – I haven’t been “able”. And she has, without further training, just picked up the slack. I rarely have even have to ask. I guess when working with a service dog after a few years there becomes and understanding that can’t be explained…

And speaking of Maisie, this is a picture of us when we were cuddling before bed a few nights ago. She’s gotten more and more cuddly as time has gone on…

I’ve been reading a series in the Passionately Loving Jesus blog which starts HERE. It deals with things that I know in my heart already but she explains them really well. If you are interested in the future of our country, you might find it interesting as well!

I’m not a fan of summer, as anyone who knows me will tell you. And I’m not an outdoor person, either. But since we have moved our motorhome to our current – and hopefully future, for a long time – lot on the river I look forward with great anticipation to every single nice day so we can spend it outside! I’m also working on plans (in my head so far – not a very secure place ?) for an outdoor kitchen. Just something basic and minimal, where we can prepare and consume most of our meals when we’re spending the day out there anyway. I will, of course, share updates as things take shape, here. But it’s an exciting project that I look forward to putting into place as soon as I have someone to help with the physical part of it!

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