Saturday Social – UPDATE

This is an update after I talked about the changes in Gab’s media policies last week.

From my perspective not much has changed, except that more people have been helping each other. There are still a few complaining, but for the most part I am seeing some members sharing with others where and how they can use media sites for posting their media, then share it on Gab without using storage space; then they are don’t have to pay for a Pro account or do any of the other things that are listed to have the privilege of storing media on Gab’s servers. And many MANY people are doing that and it’s working out very well! The other way that members are helping each other is by gifting Pro accounts! Someone who has the means and the heart can easily gift one of these accounts to those who don’t have the ability to do so. It is AMAZING how many people are able to post their photos and videos now who wouldn’t have been able to do so otherwise! Heartwarming as well!

In addition, Gab has made some serious changes in how storage is managed, so that they can be more proactive in resolving their storage issues and bot attacks before they even begin. Because of all of the above, Gab, I believe, is stronger than it’s ever been!

My Gab experience has stayed much the same; those whose photos (especially) that I always enjoyed are now all Pro subscribers, one way or another! And most other folks are still posting their photos and videos that they host elsewhere, via links. So things really haven’t changed that much on my own feeds.*

Andrew Torba posted a podcast and also sent out a letter to his subscribers this past week. Part of the letter referred to their AI program. Personally I have absolutely no use for AI; it is about deception and manipulation on social media. My own Pro account expires in June, and I have no desire to do anything to support any platform that promotes it, so I had planned let my account expire. I love Gab, it would have broken my heart, but I see it as no different than not supporting other businesses that support immoral ideals. Anyway, I was happy to read in Andrew’s letter, “A few months back we experimented with AI profiles on the Gab platform. The overwhelming feedback from our community was that they wanted to interact with other people, not AI on social media. So we listened to the Gab community and moved the AI bots to their own dedicated platform called Gab AI. We agree with the Gab Social community that our platform should be reserved for real people.” YAY!

So I am a happy gabber, seeing so many people able to continue sharing their photos and memes and videos again; words are powerful (Proverbs 18:21, Psalm 119:105, and others), but to a casual reader on social media, pictures can give our words added meaning and clarity. I am happy to see that Gab didn’t, in spite of the naysayers, turn into a desert!

*I have written about this before, but my Gab experience is carefully curated (by my use of the groups, and my own lists), the same as on any platform I have used.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Social – UPDATE

    1. Hi Cathy! No, Gab is a social media platform; it is one I joined when I left FB/YouTube/Twitter/etc. In the intervening years I have tried quite a few but stick with Gab and also some of the federated sites (Mastodon, Peertube, Pixelfed) and Matrix instead. Gab has posts & replies like FB, groups, videos, photos, memes, marketplace, etc. (though they do them differently). But not the user data harvesting/sales, censorship, algorhythms, advertising, and other things that made me leave FB. Similar concept, totally different experience :). My blog, on the other hand, is self-hosted (I don’t use their server, I use my own) and I use WordPress for content creation. Fun stuff :).

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