Saturday Social – Sept. 4, 2021 Edition

This will be my last update of my social media activity for a while, since I don’t plan to make any more changes at this time. Always check MY ONLINE HANGOUTS, below the chat box, for current activity.

It was 2019 when I decided to get away from Big Tech and use alternative platforms for my online social life. It took about a year, however, to make my goal a reality: I left Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, and moved my “online hub” to this blog. Assuring my contacts and friends that I could always be found and contacted here, I have been meticulous about posting something somewhere on this site 6 days/week at the minimum, most weeks. Yes, occasionally things come up that take priority, but that was/is my goal, and I reach it nearly every week. Once I had this site established, I left the aforementioned big tech sites for less restrictive platforms. Those that I use at least daily are listed on my FIND ME page to keep my promise to my friends, followers, and contacts that I will still be around.

Besides those listed in MY ONLINE HANGOUTS I do still have a presence in a couple of sites for various reasons, but I’m not active. These include Pocketnet (because I can’t figure out how to delete my account) and Telegram (just to read a few “from the horse’s mouth” personalities); I stop by Telegram occasionally to read the very few people I follow, but don’t post or participate. I’ve also used Signal and Gettr, but don’t currently.

So unless things change, this will be the status quo. Which means I won’t have much to write about for Saturday Social posts, so I’m going to start posting Caturday cartoons, memes, and other fun cuteness, as many platforms do. These will be similar to Wednesday Wags but with less wagging and more felinity! Though I don’t currently have a cat, I have had many in my life and I do love them!

Now you’re as up-to-date as I am! 🙂 For now ?

One thought on “Saturday Social – Sept. 4, 2021 Edition

  1. Yes, we have had several cats. Mine before I met you and a couple after. All were unique. Miss them all. Will look forward to Caturday posts.

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