Saturday Social – Sept. 18, 2021 Edition

Have I found it???

For the last few years I have been keeping my eyes open for a good Christian social platform, and during that time I’ve tried out a half-dozen or so (as well as quick visits to a few others I chose not to join). Some were being occupied by non-Christians for the purpose of trolling, including profanity and such that wasn’t being controlled. Some were simply dead, with lots and lots of members but hardly any activity. One was a haven for men looking to hit on women and one was a place where their own (apparently sinless) members didn’t do much other than criticize and even ridicule other Christian sites. So I gave up for a while. Ain’t none of us perfect – I get that – and there’s no perfect platform either. But I know when I feel at home with brothers and sisters who are doing God’s work, and longing for heaven, and sharing blessings and struggles with like-minded folk.

I have thankfully found some sincere Christian communities on gab, and thought that was the only answer to prayer that I was going to get. And it has been enough, more than enough even, so much so that I had stopped seeking.

And then another (Mastodon instance) member mentioned a Christian social platform that he belonged to, so of course I was curious and joined a few days ago. And so far it feels right, like what I was looking for. It’s been around a while – their Terms and Conditions were written in 2016 – though I hadn’t heard of it.

My experiences the first few days have been positive. I haven’t yet come across anyone who was less than friendly and welcoming. The flow of posts is perfect for me too, it’s fairly constant but not overwhelming; participating on multiple platforms requires time! People actually “like” and even comment on my posts, even though I haven’t been there long enough to really “know” anybody well. The founder of the site personally welcomed me which is always nice. And – this is a Big Deal for me – it isn’t political! Many “Christian” platforms seem to be populated with political conservatives who want to preach to the choir; this would, I think, be very off-putting and unloving for those who don’t share the same views or passion for the “Christian conservative” movement.

Use of the site is pretty intuitive. Setting up my account was easy. The only issue I had was in setting up a photo album; it wasn’t clear that I was supposed to click on some lines at the bottom right of the page, so my first attempt wasn’t saved and I lost it. However, a few photos are easy enough to upload, even a second time, and my “I wonder what that thing is for” test solved the problem. I haven’t seen any help files; then again, I haven’t looked for any!

It feels like home. I want to go back to it again and again. And I want to share it. The name of the site is Savior Connect and I hope that you will check into it as well. I hope to see you there…and plan to be there for a long time!


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