Saturday Social – Oct. 1, 2022 Edition: A Couple of Things…

First thing is how social media makes me say, YES! a lot. Or WOW! Or You’ve GOT to be kidding! Or – and these are my favorites – THANK YOU, LORD! A few cases in point, just today.

A brother on shared an article that I read. Whether I agree with it, or believe it, isn’t the point. But it did make me say WOW…or at least, GOLLY!

A blogger that I follow (and with whom I can identify more often than not) posted a comment on her blog that made me literally – right out loud – say YES!!!! (The comment is the 2nd paragraph following the picture.)

I was reading through my gab home feed (which is everyone I follow) when I saw the headline to a post that I had to read several times to make sure I was reading it correctly – thinking the whole time, You’ve GOT to be kidding! (Yes, I did read the entire article…and yes, I do read everything on social media knowing that only about half of it is actually true.)

BUT my favorite thing today was nearly earth-shattering in the way that it spoke to my spirit: Fully To The Work. There were other things going on when I read it the first time but I have kept the tab open on my browser so that later, when the day winds down, I can read it again, including all of the references contained. IF you choose to read even one of the links I’ve mentioned, this should be the one! THANK YOU, LORD!

OK, the second thing: Social media lets me know that I am not alone.

There are 2 trends right now that kinda make me crazy when someone says them.

The first one is the use of the phrase, “reach out” – why??? One day people were saying, “So I called the company to ask…” and the next they were saying, “So I reached out to the company to ask…” And it wasn’t just a few people, and it didn’t take a while to catch on. Literally* one day NOBODY said it, and the next day literally* EVERYBODY was saying it! When did we stop talking/calling/emailing/whatever, and start reaching out??? And then, a link to this crossed my screen.

The second one is “I feel”. Literally* one day people knew the difference between facts and feelings, and the next, they didn’t. Really! “I feel like the sun is coming up later every day this autumn.” “I feel like this cake mix is more expensive than the one I usually buy.” “I feel like this dress is shorter than that one.” People, these are FACTS and your feelings have absolutely nothing to do with their validity or truth! And, though not exactly on this topic, I ran across an article by one of my favorite bloggers, which brought this pet peeve of mine to mind and let me know that I’m far from the only one to whom such differences are important.

*And by “literally”, I mean figuratively.

I could go on a rant here about the effects on society confusing feelings with facts, but I will hit the brakes here because I have a third “thing” to share here…

AAAAAAND…lastly: I will be starting a new page shortly called “As Seen On…” where I will share some of the many gems that I see as I peruse social media. Like (almost all of the) pages listed in the header of this site, I will add my great finds, which may be funny, truthful, fascinating, mind-boggling, shocking, or whatever. I think it will be kind of fun! (And don’t worry, I will only share things that were publicly posted, and will link back to the original post wherever possible.)

So that’s what’s social this week!


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