Saturday Social – Nov. 20, 2021 Edition

I haven’t done a Saturday Social post in a while, because really nothing has changed. I’ve got my hands full with the platforms I’m currently using and enjoying, and really don’t care to add any more; my online time is limited of course, as is the case for all of us who have lives outside of the internet! Though I do spend more time, I’d guess, on the days I’m not physically able to do much else…anyway, at least I figured I’d make a current list of my most active platforms, if anyone has questions about any of them, or is interested in them.

These are in no particular order, though the first 3, listed alphabetically, are the ones where I spend the most time. And I will add some notes to each. There are, of course, many other platforms I have used and left because they didn’t float my boat. But I’ve already written about those in past posts.

So here we go!

Gab – This is still a favorite, and I’ve been here longer than the others. Despite what you’re told to believe about it, gab can be whatever you want it to be. (See my video on GabTV, A Kinder, Gentler Gab as well as several posts on this blog.) I use it as place to connect with people who are positive, uplifting, and fun so it’s always a great time.

Savior Connect – I’ve been here the least amount of time but I LOVE this place! It offers a lot of great content including videos, blogs, etc. I also have a page and a group here.

Theres Life – A Mastodon instance, I love my family here. I try to invest of myself also, attempting to help the instance owners where I can, so while it takes up extra time I consider it a good investment in their ministry.

I try to visit Mewe a couple of times a day. Though I’m not as active there, there are a few people that I like to keep up with, see how they’re doing, and so forth, as well as check in with a couple of the groups I’d joined there.

I am also on Matrix (via Element) but mainly for communicating with a few of my Theres.Life friends. I’d love to learn more about it and use it more, though…just haven’t had the chance.

I still have accounts elsewhere but don’t really use them anymore. I no longer use messengers, those who want to contact me do so via text or secure message or public message here. And there’s always good old-fashioned email! My friends and family are so spread out amongst various messengers that I’d have to have accounts on so many, I just couldn’t keep up with them all! I only really use Snapchat for communicating with my family.

(By the way, if you were following my attempts to delete my Pocketnet account earlier this year, I never did figure it out. So I simply don’t use it. It’s all I can do. But it still irritates me that I have an unwanted account there.)

I’m no social media expert but every so often I just like to update my current platform usage for those who may be looking for alternatives for the big tech companies that are so quickly falling out of favor. (I don’t miss them one little tiny bit, by the way – never even give them a thought!) I’m happy with my current selection but I still keep my ear to the ground for anything else that may interest me, or my readers. And if I find anything, I’ll share it in a future Saturday Social post.

SOON AFTER COMPLETING THIS POST I chose to sign out of Snapchat and delete it. I wrote about that in tonight’s News & Updates. That is all.


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