Saturday Social – Nov. 12, 2022 Edition

Well guys, I’m down to 2 sites now, and they are so perfect for me that, though I sometimes want to find something else just so I can write about it here, I just don’ wanna!

I stop in to FB every so often (I don’t have an acct there but I use Pete’s to look at Marketplace sometimes, and to see if Casey or Bill have posted any cute grandkid pictures) and I can’t wait to leave! It feels like I’m landed in the midst of chaos. (And so many people – mostly who don’t use it – have the nerve to criticize Gab?) And Mastodon is like a peaceful island by comparison. How did I stand FB so long? Rhetorical question, it was because of my “friends” and when I left so many told me they didn’t want to lose touch, please don’t leave, they’d miss me so much…but apparently not enough to check in on my site to see if I’m dead or alive once or twice a year, or drop a note, or send a text… (You want to know who your real friends aren’t? Leave your social media site of choice…)

I actually found the same with Savior Connect, although at least nobody put up the pretense of friendship there…I took a week off without comment, wasn’t missed, and now I rarely go back. Nothing wrong with it and I still support their mission (in prayer and in $); it’s just not what I was looking for. I tend to grow fond of those with whom I develop relationship, and it doesn’t feel good to know they’re not returned, ya know?

BUT that’s not what I wanted to write about – it’s all old news, and a tangent :). Just don’t confuse online “friends” with those people you really know…

ANYWAY much of my time these days is spent on the instance (like a group) that I moderate on Mastodon, at least a couple of hours and now that there is such a massive influx from twitter usually double that (or more)…plus the enjoyable time I spend actually interacting with the other members and the people I follow and enjoy elsewhere there. I take my duties in supporting that ministry very seriously, and the admins for whom I have served trust me to do as I said I would. Plus, I enjoy it. A lot. (And I got a “promotion” to admin a few days ago! It won’t change what I do but it’s nice to know that the owner values my contributions!)

And Gab…well, what can I say that I haven’t said already…it is wonderful! I have it set up to suit me perfectly, so many wonderful, caring people there, and I’m always excited to spend time there a couple of times every day or more if I can manage it! It is as close to perfect for me – a Christian who doesn’t like reading a bunch of criticism, strife, profanity, etc. – as any site could be! And YES I am talking about the same Gab that the press loves to vilify…you can’t – and shouldn’t – believe everything they tell you; there is always an agenda… But that’s not the purpose of this post. If you don’t believe me, check out my Gab feed and see for yourself how “awful” Gab is…

And lastly I use Matrix. Am in a couple of groups there, and chat one-on-one mainly with my friends from Mastodon. I wish everybody I knew was on Matrix, it is by far the best of its ilk I have ever used. (I’m pretty much off of Signal and Telegram these days.)

I can’t have a very physically active life, obviously – though on good days I will definitely take advantage it! – and feeling productive and useful here on my site and on Mastodon (especially) keeps me from dwelling on things I can’t fix.

So that’s my update. If anything changes, I’ll be sure to let you know!


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