Saturday Social, March 13, 2021 Edition: Creation.Social

This is a new regular post I want to start writing every week. Though I don’t use a ton of social platforms, I do use a few that aren’t as common, so I’d like to concentrate on those, as well as sites that I just love, and enjoy using. (Hint: these will not rhyme with basebook, zwitter, pinstagram, or gootube!) In addition, I hope that the owners/admins of some of these sites will comment on my thoughts!

Today I want to talk about Creation.Social. It is a new endeavor by TTOR 13, and I’ve wanted to write about it for a while but have had reasons…anyway, I joined in February, about a month ago, and am still on the fence about it. TTOR 13 is a Christian who started this as a free-speech site. He designed it to be very similar to another popular site, so getting used to it is very easy; I already felt at home on my first visit.

It has the usual things like a main time line and groups, friends, messaging, and pages, but it also has some games, event calendars, blogs, and polls.

Once I joined I completed my profile bio and wrote my intro to the newbies group. I posted on the main timeline here and there, and “liked” and commented on others’ posts. There seemed to be – and still seems to be – only a very few people who actually show up on the timeline. And of these, enough of them express themselves with profanity, lack of respect, and even rage toward others in their posts (yes, this is a free-speech site, stick with me here) that I always dread checking in there. I love my peaceful, Christ-centered life – online and off – and going to reminds me of walking into a rough bar where my soul is assaulted so that it drowns out the other kinder gentler folks who are also there.

As someone who assumes responsibility for my own feelings, I typically will mute those people who send my blood pressure up. However, if I did that here, the time line would be so quiet that I probably would use it less and less until I stopped. BUT I like where the owner seems to be going with this site, and don’t want to give up on it yet.

I recently started seeking out other members who are registered to the site, and requesting to friend those who post things that interest me. I am working my way through the lists but am saddened to see that most people who joined haven’t posted in a couple of months or more.

I will keep working my way through though, and see if I can find enough people to populate my time line so that I can mute those who I’d rather not see. Again, I totally understand the concept of free speech, and totally believe in it. Like any freedom there is responsibility, and there are those who speak as if there is no such thing as manners or respect, who use these platforms to spew their rage;’s free speech gives them the place to do that…and also the mute function so that I don’t have to see them. (I admit, though, that I was hoping for less of that on a site with a name that hints at Christianity…)

So here’s the deal. I plan to continue to seek out friends there and try to create a time line that reflects my preferences. I will increase my efforts to be part of the solution by posting at least daily, and commenting on the posts that interest me. I want to see Creation.Social succeed, and though it’s not my place to determine how that happens at least I will do what I can make it a platform that I will enjoy using.

Watch this space for updates, I’m not giving up yet!

5 thoughts on “Saturday Social, March 13, 2021 Edition: Creation.Social

  1. I think many social sites are similar, People join, post a littlle, then do t revisit.

    I like telegram and becauae if the whatsapp changes, I saw a flurry of new accounts from people I knew, Then just as quick, account deleted. !

    Attentions spans are diminishing, people flit about these days.
    As for “free speech “, Its only free if everyone has it.
    Btw, found you on mastodon and I am a curious old man, not a stalker 🙂

    1. YES! Great points, Tim! I also like telegram but admittedly haven’t spent enough time building up my connections there, mainly I use it for a couple of groups, and some news/political folk. Anyway, I notice that about attention spans even here. When I look at my visitors’ data (it’s anonymous, I don’t track people) I notice a few seconds on one post and a few seconds on another nearly as often as any of them staying in one place long enough to read any of them. Surely a lot of us do the same thing with social media, especially new-to-us platforms.

      I’ve noticed that a lot of people who don’t exercise their right to free speech are the ones who complain the most about those who do…interesting?

      And BTW, of every site I currently use, Mastodon is my favorite!

  2. I am glad you are doing these postings. You have mentioned not long ago about There’s.Life and Ding Dash and Mastadon and … I have a hard time keeping up. Then I have Christian friends who utilize Telegram, Skype, RCForb client and … so on plus using their Ham Radios. I think my multitasker is broken as I find it hard to do all those things. And, that’s not counting the …. great, now I can’t even remember that and there is also messaging app.
    No wonder I prefer to play challenging games of various Solitaire or do a puzzle or two.
    Keep up these Social Media posts (and, no, I am not stalking you or check on you. There is no one I trust more than you and God and not in that order).

    1. Once I get tired of writing about the ones I use I will likely start nosing around some of the others…but for now I’m enjoying the few that I’m on.
      And you know that I do like my Spider solitaire, and tripeaks, and pyramid as I’m waiting to go to sleep at night!
      (Can a man even stalk his wife? Hmmm…)

  3. Maybe men can stalk their wives but then that is a sign of their insecurity in their relationship. Neither of us have that insecurity. Thank God!

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