Saturday Social – June 26, 2021 Edition

I expressed my frustration with GabTV in last week’s Saturday Social post, and I want to set the record straight: I still love Gab. Though I was very frustrated, within a couple of days I decided to keep posting there BUT use the description field of each video to explain that I would be unable to reply to any comments, so that people wouldn’t think I was snubbing them. And when I want to comment on others’ videos I will do so on their timeline rather than use GabTV’s function. The powers that be are still working hard on growing Gab into something even more wonderful, and the platform continues to experience growing pains. I am more determined than ever to wait it out until things are settled – which may not be for some time yet! – with the hopeful assurance that these issues will be resolved.

There’s really not a whole lot else new, my social media palette remains about the same with no additions or subtractions, so nothing to write about there. This blog continues to chug along, I can see by the numbers that there are more and more visitors which is good. The main thing is that if people want to know how I’m doing, what’s new – or old – in my life, etc. they know where to find me, moreso than a place to spout off about things ?.

So that should do it for this week, now that my feathers are no longer ruffled about Gab and I have a new temporary plan in place.

Have a great week friends! Check back for my daily updates on Chia’s Chat, and I will see you next time!


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