Saturday Social – July 24, 2021 Edition

I joined it, enjoyed it – a LOT – for a while, then it all became about earning coins, ratings, and other record-keeping and earnings oriented. I get what they’re doing, and what they’re trying to create there. But it’s not what I want. And I have combed through the entire FAQ and every single portion of the settings, my account, my profile, etc…and nowhere can I find a place to delete my account. After days of this, I’m now officially obsessing about getting free from Pocketnet!

Second, I had joined Mike Lindell’s social media platform Frank and eagerly awaited its oft-postponed launch. Then the disappointment hit. I discovered that it is not a social platform as we consider social platforms; it was just a site where he could play videos, interview people, and put his own stuff. After 2 weeks there was still nothing social about it, it was more The Mike Lindell Channel than anything else. AND THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT, a lot of people like it and I’m glad it’s as successful as it is. But I left, it wasn’t what I was looking for, even though I respect Mike and all he’s accomplished, and his great involvement in American politics and his support of Donald J. Trump.

Third, I got on GETTR and I’m liking it, though not participating much; mostly reading and ?ing posts, and commenting as I feel the need (rarely). I use it mostly like I use Telegram, which is to catch up with what’s going on in the conservative movement, although on Telegram I also know a couple of people that I try to keep up with there. Neither of these gets a whole lot of my time and energy, there are only so many hours in a day, right? ?

Fourth, I got back on Pixelfed, another federated platform. I had been on it previously and somehow am not anymore. Frankly I don’t remember why, whether I left, or what? But I did make another account there and am happy to be back.

My current platforms, those I consider “permanent”, are Mastodon (TheresLife), Gab/GabTV, Mewe, Telegram, Rumble, and hoping that Pixelfed will also be on this list. Others may come and go – or at least be ignored for a while – depending on whatever. I will be updating my Online Hangouts list (found on my main page) this week.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Social – July 24, 2021 Edition

  1. Is Ding Dash still on your list of sites you go to or not? I don’t know what I am subscribed to any more. Somethings are just so confusing. like the manuals for my Amateur Radio gear.
    I want to stay abreast of what you are posting so I can keep up with your thoughts, wants and needs. I’m not your stalker – lol.
    Love you much my Dear Wife.

    1. I am on DingDash but keep forgetting about it, so rarely check it. When I do, I try to participate a little but and gab, mostly, keep me busy. Thanks for not stalking me but if I DID have a stalker, I’d want it to be you. I love you very much also, my dear husband!

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