Saturday Social – July 9, 2022 Edition: Missing Minutae (Update #1)

As promised, here is the first update from my experiment on Social Connect.

This has been a busy week. But I made sure I posted more than usual every day. I’ve still been figuring out what I used to post on Facebook – it’s been a few years – so I mostly shared photos and descriptions of my meals. (Since I eat a combination – depending on the day – of IF, OMaD, and LCHF, my meals aren’t always what one would consider typical!) I have since decided I will share snippets about my family – grandkids especially – and some of the photos I take of the wildlife and nature in our yard, and the things snippets of DiTL (day in the life) stuff.

BUT, the first 24 hours – or, last weekend – a couple of people requested to friend me shortly after I posted some new things, and I got a couple of extra likes, before things going back to the way they’d been before.

Now that one of my Big Life Events is over, as of this morning, I will be dedicating myself even more to the project to increase my own interactions.

Meanwhile, overall the site has become more active this week, which is a THRILL! Nothing to do with me, of course, it’s all God. But excited to see it, and to meet the new people, nonetheless!

See you next Saturday!


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