Saturday Social – Aug. 21, 2021 Edition

My Thoughts On Signal…More Mastodon Madness…Still Trapped in Pocketnet…Good Bye Telegram…Update Coming Soon!

Last week I didn’t do a Saturday Social post, I don’t recall why, or what I was doing that prevented me from doing it. But here are my latest social media experiences, with my thoughts.

I will be dropping Signal, which I got a few weeks ago to give it a try. There are 4 people there that I know, and I have only greeted one, chatted with one, and the other two never replied to my attempt to contact them. It is another typical messenger-type client and it hasn’t offered anything special that I could see. I’ve read some less-than-enthusiastic articles about it (the latest), mostly about privacy matters, but that didn’t really affect my decision. It’s fine. It’s ok. It works. It’s another messenger. And I don’t need another messenger. Meh.

Still loving Element! Still wishing I knew more people that used it, I’d love to make it my only messenger. (I admit that part of loving it is that I love the group for which I use it.)

So, more on Mastodon…I discovered that I can join more than one instance using a single username/email address. So I did. There’s an instance I hadn’t noticed before (I read the federated view so I see most active instances) and I saw a lot of the people that I’d been following for a while had joined it. So I tried to join it also, and it worked! So that’s very cool. I don’t plan to jump from instance to instance, here’s how I think of it: There’s Life is where my “family” is, it is home. This new instance I joined, called Free Atlantis, is where I go to see other people that I like; they’re not family but they’re good folk that I enjoy, and look forward to spending time with. Then I go back home afterward. So there’s that.

I’m still on Pocketnet, haven’t found the egress yet. I check in once every few weeks to remind myself why I don’t use it anymore, see if they’ve made it possible to escape yet, then leave. I don’t anticipate this situation will be changing anytime soon, it’s like a popcorn husk stuck under my gumline where neither floss nor pick can reach. Or something like that.

I’ve stopped using Telegram as a messenger with people I know, and have unfollowed all but a few newsworthy personalities. I check in a couple of times a week to see what they’re doing that the MSM doesn’t report, or what the MSM got wrong, and it is valuable for that. Straight from the horse’s mouth type stuff that I don’t get elsewhere.

It has become a priority for me to update the list of my social media “hangouts” (found beneath the chat box and also HERE) – not because anybody reads it, but because it’s out of date and should someone look at it I’d at least want it to be correct.

So that’s it for today, I’ll see you next week!


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