Saturday Social – April 10, 2021 Edition

A few blurbs about what’s new in my social media life this week, but first let me mention that my decisions this week have been mostly determined by some of the things that I’ve been writing about lately, ie similar platforms that seem to be turning on each other and Christians that publicly criticize their own brothers and sisters, using their own platforms. I’ve written about these things because they are bothering me, and they bother me every time I visit. So I have chosen not to visit at least one of them (for now) anymore…but first…

Last week I mentioned Pocketnet so I’ll update about that one first. The more I go there the more I enjoy it. I have no interest in their reward system but as I’ve found people to follow – and others to block – it is becoming more of a place I enjoy spending time! I don’t want to compare it to other platforms, as looking through the FAQs tells me that they do a lot of things quite differently. But I will say that the more time I spend there, the more I like it! It doesn’t feel like a place to build friendships, like Mastodon and Gab are, but who knows, I could be wrong!

I haven’t mentioned Mewe lately, so here we go: Nothing to report. I do check in daily at least once, and grab many of the memes I share here from Mewe (and gab and others), I scan my contacts’ timelines and comment where warranted. But we get out of social media, like most things, what we put in. So maybe I’m just seeing that I need to expend more effort there.

Following up on Creation.Social, I have decided not to stay. Enough said there, but I know I gave it a good try at least. I won’t criticize as I’m not in Justin’s shoes, it’s got to be tough creating and growing a social platform.

Overall, I don’t typically use any sites – social or otherwise – that make me annoyed or sad. There’s enough of that in my real life, I don’t intentionally add it to my virtual life. And that’s what drives me, more than anything, to which sites I stick with. I want, at the very least, sharing things about life, learning from others, and finding fellowship and joy (no, I don’t expect constant joy – just balance). Those where I don’t find that, or where the negative overpowers any positive experiences and feelings I might have, just aren’t for me.

Some fun news this week, I spoke with a brother and sister I met on Mastodon this week, I mean actually spoke, via one of the sites that offers voice calls, which I’ve never used before but it was great! I’ve long respected him – his wife isn’t as active online so I’m just getting to know her – and what he writes about and stands for, so it was a delight talking to them!

Now today is almost over and my real life is waiting for me! Have a great week, social friends❣️


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