Saturday Social – March 27, 2021 Edition

This is a new regular post where I talk about the social media platforms I use as well as some thoughts about social media in general. In addition, I hope that the owners/admins of some of these sites will comment on my thoughts and polite, respectful comments from any users are welcome!

This week I have a few things I want to write, but first is something that has been on my mind in a more general sense about social media. Firstly, I’ve made no secret that I have been moving away from Big Tech, and why. Alt-tech is my chosen social playground these days. The purpose for alt-tech is to offer another option over the control that the big guys have been exerting over their platforms in the form of censorship and deplatforming. However there is a trend I’m noticing in the alt-tech world that is disturbing to me: these platforms are turning on each other. At first things seemed like a movement to, at the very least, offer alternatives to the damage big tech was doing to free speech. As such, it would be expected that the alt-tech guys would see big tech as the common “force to be reckoned with” if not an enemy. However I’m seeing the alt-tech folks turning their criticism toward each other, even to the point of denunciation! Of course they each have their ideas about how things should be done, and of course they should be implementing them in their respective platforms. But there is no way that anything but a unified force could make more than a dent in big tech’s hold over people’s speech; don’t they realize this? They are certainly going to have differences of opinion in the implementation of their free speech policies, but nothing that should cause them to seek the ruination of another growing free speech platform. This is astounding to me, and a big part of me wants to leave any of the platforms who practice the censure of others with the same goals. And I likely will, at some point. But guys, do you all have to be identical in your implementation of policies aimed at reaching the same goals or risk censure by each other? You will never even begin to reach your common goals if you’re working against each other at the same time! Remember that you can never build yourself up by taking others down! Not much has changed since I last wrote. Justin has removed the “everybody sees everybody else’s posts” setting on the group, so we now only see what our friends write (and, I assume, public posts). IMHO this was premature but apparently it was requested by several users and I’m always willing to wait and see. And while I wait I’m seeing posts from very few people. I have requested to friend every member who has been active in the last 2 months and isn’t offensive to me – probably at least 50-60 people – but still have only 17 who have apparently found me not offensive too ?. But I continue to post there daily and hope that soon there will be others who post things other than rage or criticism or other negativity.

Gab: Ahhhh, one of my favorites. The more I use it the more I love it. And yes, I am one who avoids profanity and rancor and negativity and so forth. But, as I’ve said a million times, Gab is what you make of it. And I’ve made it, by my choices of who I follow and who I mute and which groups I join and which timelines I read, a delightful and friendly and fun and great place to spend time. And this week I discovered a pet rescue group that consists of photos and stories about rescue dogs and cats – a pet group about happy endings, what could be better??? It is beautiful places like that and the people who inhabit them with which I surround myself there. And I believe in what they’re doing and like to support its growth.

Mastodon: My chosen instance on Mastodon feels like home. When I sign in there I feel like I’ve just walked through the door of my family’s house. The other members are such a blessing to me and are my brothers and sisters in Christ, what could be better than that? Mastodon overall has all kinds of people who use it but, like gab (or any good platform) I have control over whose words come across my screen, through my eyes, and into my brain. Outside of the instance I have chosen to follow people who are calm, coherent, and generally pleasant no matter what their views or choice of discussion topic.

I don’t feel the urge to discuss any other social media topics tonight, so will see you all next Saturday for more!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Social – March 27, 2021 Edition

  1. I get so confused. There is DingDash,, Mastadon, USA.Life, and now Creation something. I think I am missing a couple others. I don’t know what to follow. I can’t keep up with my emails and even trying to keep in touch with people on the ham radio. Never sure where to start or if I start or am walking backwards. Guess that’s why I prefer to play Solitaire at least I know where I am and login is automatic so I don’t to rack my brain trying to remember which social network I am on and what the login is for each. I even try to follow someone and it tells me I have to log in first. I was logged in before I hit the FOLLOW button. Too confusing. At least for me. Back to Solitaire.

    1. Just because I use a platform doesn’t mean you have to :). And some of these I’m just checking out to give my reviews on my Saturday Social posts but don’t intend to stay on them. Besides, whenever I can walk and get around better I don’t plan on spending my time online, and won’t be using any of the platforms nearly as much. They give me a break from boredom and depression since I’m stuck here so much of the time right now…plus there are some really lovely people out there who I wouldn’t meet otherwise… But if it all causes grief for you, don’t do it. Enjoy being able to move around and do things ??‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

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