Saturday Not Social – May 1, 2021 – KY Trip Post #5

Normally of course I’d be writing about social media on Saturday, but this week I’m not. Well, sort of…unless you want to count me not using social media all day as writing about it?

I’ve mentioned about the internet at the campground…how neither of our cellular internet sources (AT&T and Sprint) get any signal whatsoever here…how the campground wifi is spotty (even though they have multiple sources), as is to be expected in just about any campground, although it was adequate once we fired up the Wifi Ranger Thursday morning…

Friday we went to Gwen and Don’s new house to see it for the first time – I will do a separate post about that once they move in next week – and when we got back the campground was TOTALLY PACKED! That’s expected on weekends, though, we get that…there was no place to park near out trailer, so I stopped in front and let Pete off along with the things we needed to take inside, then drove the Suburban to the parking lot up by the office. I took out my scwalker, locked up the car, and scwalked back to the trailer. As of this writing, 28 hours later, the place is still packed to the rafters – if campgrounds actually HAD rafters – and the Suburban is still parked up near the office.

And now we get back to the internet part. I think all of these people came here just to use the internet. Seriously. There isn’t any, nothing for the Wifi Ranger to draw from, or for our devices. It’s just all used up. So here it is 1:30 a.m. on Sunday morning and enough people have gotten offline to sleep (I’m guessing) that I can do my blog posts before catching some ZZzzz’s myself.

So that is why there was no Friday Funnies yesterday, I’d planned to put that together when we returned from my sister’s, but no go…and I was too tired to stay up half the night to get it done. If our experience as workcampers for 2 summers taught us anything, though, it is that most people go home on Sunday. So I am expecting that during the week we’ll have adequate wifi again…

Meanwhile, the 5th day of our trip we spent here with Junior. We each took naps, Pete watched some TV, I got some ukulele time as well as some outdoor time with Maisie. It was a lovely 70+ degrees today, bright sunshine, and slight breeze. Below are some pictures that Pete took and some that I took. And that about sums up our Saturday here.

I guess we’ll all have to adjust to the idea that I may not be able to get some of my regular features posted here. Whenever we go to my sister’s (an hour away) I’m sure we can use their wifi too…so we’ll see…

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures, and know I’ll be posting as able!

One thought on “Saturday Not Social – May 1, 2021 – KY Trip Post #5

  1. Wish I could have done more picture taking. It was getting late as dusk was approaching. Some places were too far downhill for me to climb up and down. They have a beautiful marina (hoping to magnet fish there (and do some Catfishing, too). I am hoping for Civil War items by magnet fishing and I am used to fighting 2-3 pound Catfish. I expect those in Michigan would be baby size compared to what lies in wait for me here. I may have to settle for catch and release. (Scaling a hill with heavy fish and tackle/poles will be difficult).
    Well, that’s it for today. This is the day the Lord has made so we will be glad and joyful in it – we know whatever this day brings will be blessings from God. Have a blessed day everyone.

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