Saturday Morning Possibilities

I woke up at my usual time today (10:30a +/-) and am enjoying some coffee with the window open and the sun streaming in. It’s supposed to be in the mid-70s today so we (Maisie & I) will be spending much of it outside. I’m hoping that I will be mobile enough to do some outdoor training, such as long walks at my side (on my scwalker of course) and distractions. We still struggle with those, she’s fantastic – nearly perfect in fact – in the house; outside she really has problems staying on task. Thankfully her “look at me” is good and works most of the time, but she needs to be more reliable outdoors.

I will also spend time with my keyboard today. I love that we live so far out away from people, because the windows will be open.

Other than that it will be just the usual things that I do every day.

What possibilities does YOUR Saturday hold?

4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Possibilities

  1. We’ve had the windows open and the heat off all weekend. The kids have spent a lot of time outside, Bill got some time out for a bit, and I got some cleaning done. Nice, relaxing, chill weekend! Missing you.

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