Saturday, April 17, 2021 DITL

Normally we don’t go out on shopping or errands on a Saturday because that’s when everybody who works during the week is out, so there’s a lot of traffic both on the roads and in the stores, parking lots are more full, etc. But on our usual Friday we chose to do something else so there you are.

We wanted to go to a larger town than any that are close to us and chose Cadillac. 55 miles from here it’s still within an hour’s drive, and a nice drive at that! Plus we’re familiar with it since it was the closest sizeable town when we lived in Houghton Lake.

We decided to eat first, and went to Culver’s. It is a favorite of ours. Pete got a fish sandwich basket, and I got a chicken sandwich basket with a small cup of their “flavor of the day” frozen custard. (Eating OMAD allows these occasional treats!)

Because we needed a variety of things – both food and not food – we went to Meijer. They had their carpet spray on a great sale so we bought several bottles, plus some to use in the carpet extractor. Pete needed some clothing items, and we wanted to try that new Dawn Powerwash – have you tried that yet? Then we got a couple of food items.

We came home pretty early after that. Usually we’d go to their big Good Will store also but I was in a lot of pain, and we were physically wrung out from a busy week. It was a good day, though, beautiful weather and scenery, and of course spending time together is always wonderful!


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