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My posts here may be rather sporadic for the next…however long…? While still respecting his privacy, I will tell you what happened…

Pete has suffered with PTSD, as do so many veterans, and has been on medication to help him as he deals with things in his counseling sessions. This is nothing new and has been ongoing for a long time. Recently the VA changed his “shrink” though, and this doctor changed Pete’s medication that he’s been on for YEARS with excellent results. After a few weeks Pete was really struggling, and contacted the doctor to let him know, and to request that he be put back on his former medication; this new doctor told him to stay on the new one for a few more weeks until it was fully in his system. Pete’s mental state and thought processes continued to decline, and the result is that yesterday he had to be admitted through the ER to a mental health facility. Our hope is that they can get his meds straightened out and get him back into a good place again so that he can continue his therapy, and his life. I won’t go into more detail than that, but he definitely needed an intervention by yesterday.

I am at Bill & Casey’s. So are the dogs and the birds. Though I can’t visit him, at least I’m nearer to him here. I will never be able to thank Bill and Casey for everything they’ve done to help us this weekend…they drove up to the campground, and Bill brought Junior back to our lot, with me and the dogs, then back here (with my scwalker and my walker). Meanwhile Casey, with the kids, took most of the stuff that I’d need, plus the birds, and took Pete to the ER, staying with him until he was admitted. (Her BFF got the kids and birds from the hospital and brought them back to their house.) And my sister Gwen, who you see comment here sometimes, was so helpful when I didn’t know what to do to help him, and he couldn’t help himself. But she knew what to do and all I had to do was what she said…which enabled him to get help so much more quickly!

I am heartbroken, of course. And the grands have never seen their Ugma like this, crying at the drop of a hat and just a downright mess. They don’t know what to think. And the dogs are also confused, especially Chuy who lives his life glued to Pete. He just lays and stares at the door. Meanwhile, Maisie has to be continually restrained because she wants to get at Leelan’s pet rabbit Frodo. Finally today she is following my commands again; last night – almost all night – and this morning she was a total nut job, fixated on getting at the bunny. It is all very strange…this morning when it was just Leelan and I in the living room and I was bawling (again!) he went and brought out his Bible helps book, found the section that would help me (about our pain and God’s care and nearness), and read to me for quite a while….which helped more than anything I think.

Pete and I are rarely apart, and I have to depend on him for an awful lot. But after seeing his struggles for the last 6 weeks, and his incredible distress, helplessness, and hopelessness this weekend, I am thankful that he is getting what he needs, and hopeful that they will be able to help him with some coping mechanisms as well. And meanwhile Bill and Casey are helping me to manage.

So I ask you to please pray for Pete, especially…and me secondarily. I know we’ll get through this, I know there is a purpose in all of this, and I know that – as Gwen often says – nothing goes to waste with God. And if my posts are a little sporadic, now you know why. I will continue to do some updates on my chat box but frankly, I can’t even guarantee that…just have to see how things go.

P.S. The transmission went out on our car yesterday morning as Pete was driving it home from church. (This was the straw that broke the camel’s back – he simply couldn’t cope, or recover.) It is now at our favorite shop in West Branch, though they can’t even look at it for another week…anyway, anyone who cares to approach the throne of grace on our behalf, it would be very much appreciated.

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  1. Dearest Sherry ,
    I came on here to tell you what is happening in my life to see that Pete has been having struggles. Pete is in my prayers. I went to the ER last Tuesday with shortness of breath and feeling faint. Tuesday night i was told i needed a pacemaker. Wednesday, while waiting for more test results i suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. I was given CPR and put on a respirator until i was stable enough for a permanent pacemaker. I was released on Tuesday and at home recovering .. By the grace of GOD i am still alive and that hospital saved my life and gave me a second chance on life

    1. I’ve been following your videos since I was urged to pray for you, though I had to check every day until you finally put one up, so I knew that something major was going on, but also that God had you covered as I’m sure I’m not the only one with whom He shared your need❣️

  2. I’m right beside you Sherry. Close your eyes. Can you ‘feel’ my presence? There seems to be something good in every situation, even though the situation appears to be hopeless. You have Bill and Casey. The grandchildren. The dogs. The birds. You have the love of many, many people. You and Pete will get through this together. Pete won’t be discharged until they’re sure he’s more stable and ready to continue on. Yes of course, I’ve been asking God for His will to be done, but also reminding Him of MY will to be done (if you get what I mean). Hopefully His will and mine are one in the same. I send my love dear Sherry.

    1. Yes, I got what you meant :). It is the same way I often pray…you’ve been with us through so much and I love you for your constant friendship, support, and prayers! You always have the right words to say…

  3. Dear Sherry, I have been praying for you both since reading this yesterday. Your situation tugs at my heart strings. Stories of medical malpractice really hit home with me. It upsets me greatly to hear stories coming out of our medical industry. In 2008 I was one of their victims after I went to the doctor for a medical condition. They told me to take meds that have completely destroyed my body. However, when my husband was paying one of my many ER bills in 2018, he discovered in my chart that the ER had recorded several years earlier the real condition I had. When we confronted the staff, we were told that there was nothing they could do about the misdiagnosis and I needed to stay on the medication that has wrecked my body. There was no apology and no mention of them trying to help right the wrong they committed against me. Family members told me sue, but I did not. Now I wish I had sued them when I had the opportunity because I am still too ill to work.

    Your situation is even more upsetting because your husband sacrificed for all of us. We are all so grateful for his service. The VA owes him so much more than what this doctor has done to him. They should have been looking out for him and properly treating him. I am so sorry they have done this egregious atrocity to your husband (and to you and your family). Please know that you are not alone. You are in the prayers of the people who have read your post.

    Exodus 15:26, Exodus 23:25-26, 1Kings 8:56, Isaiah 41:10, Jeremiah 30:17, Nahum 1:9, Matthew 8:2-3 and 16-17, Matthew 15:30-31, Mark 10:27, Acts 5:16, Romans 8:2 and 11, 1 Peter 2:24

    1. Oh what a blessing to read your comment, even while I was mortified by reading what you went through! Yet our Father is still using your experience to help others, like us now, once again showing that what my sister always says, “Nothing goes to waste with God” is true! I so much appreciate that you shared from your heart and your own life, thank you so much❣️ ~ Sherry

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