Prophets and The Election

This is an amazing article. I am not a huge fan of the type of “prophecy” that appears all over social media, being passed around like fortune tellers’ babble. But give me modern prophets who are (a) in 100% agreement with the Word in every way, (b) have shown spiritual fruit in their lives, and (c) whose prophecies are confirmed by others who are also in agreement with the Word and whose lives bring forth spiritual fruit. Add to these the leading of the Spirit as I pray and meditate on Scriptures, and only then will my heart open to what they are saying.

So in that spirit I share the following article. It is written about the election here in the USA and has convicted me to pray more over it than I already am. But more specifically the article is full of Christian truths that every serious believer needs to know, and I feel led to share it for this reason. The article was shared by a brother on Masodon in the instance today, and part of my response to it as commented in that group of believers was this:
“[These excerpts are] something I know so strongly that it’s hard to understand how so many Christians don’t get it. Do they just think that they can say a prayer to avoid hell, that that’s all God expects of them? As the old song says, we are His hands, we are His feet…I…pray that someone who needs to know they have purpose in the Kingdom follows the link and reads it and God uses it.”

This is a long article, so it may take away time from social media, television, naptime, or whatever. But some things are just that important.

Did the Prophets Get It Wrong?


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