Please don’t leave…

…but it you do, I won’t miss you enough to leave my favorite playground…

As I posted on my chat (see this blog’s home page) by way of introduction to this post, so many people that claimed they didn’t want me to leave Twitter and FB (especially the latter) haven’t shown that they’ve missed me after the fact. It is something that has puzzled me as I’ve gone through this reorganizing of my online life. I haven’t been able to figure out what it is about human nature that makes us simply disappear from minds, hearts, and lives when we no longer appear automatically in front of people’s eyes.

I remember learning in a child development class that it isn’t until children are 6 years old that they realize when a person or object is out of their sight, it still exists. Until that point if you walk out of the room you are no longer a part of their world. So I assumed that social media has turned us all into a bunch of toddlers again. There’s no point in expending any extra effort to stay in touch with someone who no longer exists.

Being social online since before the web, I have known that this has redefined how we maintain relationships, and even what relationships mean. It isn’t my intention to delve very deeply into this phenomenon here, but I was reading The Web We Have To Save recently and came upon this statement: “Fewer users are directly checking dedicated webpages, instead getting fed by a never-ending flow of information that’s picked for them by complex –and secretive — algorithms.”

So kinda, I was right. We are being turned into social toddlers by the machinations of social media giants.

Just think about it.

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