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I have a make a call on which way to go with my phone. (See what I did there?) My phone just updated to Android 10 (Q), and has stuff on it that I don’t want such as tracking my physical activity, and of course contact tracing. Nobody has any right to such information about me, what I do, where I go, who I talk to, etc. So I have been looking at options and it looks like I have 3. (Pete will also be doing the same.)

First option is to flash my phone with a custom ROM. I haven’t done this before, and don’t particularly want to wreck my phone. However I am leaning toward trying this, since I am already prepared to do one of the other options anyway.

Second option is a non-android feature – or “dumb” – phone. I will still be able to get calls and text, and some of them have other abilities as well without running Android or smart services. There are a couple of them out there that would work for me (and Pete).

Third option is a linux phone, most likely a Pinephone as the others are WAY out of our budget. Though they’re available now, some claim they aren’t ready for prime time. But it is an option.

If I choose option #1 I will have to be ready to go with #2 or #3 if I brick my phone. But I may not have to spend a dime to accomplish my goal, and it would be cool to learn how to do it too, a good thing to know.

If I choose option #2 I will leave my current phone off at home. I will strip it down to the bare bones, app-wise, and use it maybe for solitaire while I’m watching TV, or sell it as its a great phone. A feature phone would be fine for phone things like texting and talking and the occasional solitaire distraction.

If I choose option #3 I have to be ready for possible issues either because there is still the occasional glitch, or because I don’t know what I’m doing. I have used linux for quite a few years on my computers, but only debian-based distros; I used maemo – now defunct – on my first tablet, Nate my Nokia N810. (I loved Nate…would love to have modern equivalent if there was one…) But I’d definitely still be willing to give it a shot.

So that’s what’s been going around my mind lately. I’ve been researching for months and still haven’t made a decision but it’s got to happen soon. Very soon. If you have any thoughts I’d be happy to hear them!

4 thoughts on “Phone Call

  1. This is just amazing: I’ve been doing same research, making same considerations!!! (Insert hysterically laughing emoji here)

    Reality is I understood very little of what you said. Basically, I think you’re saying you want to switch to another phone system and are looking at three specific considerations. How’s that?


  2. Maybe a wall phone, rotary dial, Princess phone – if we are home we answer it or let an answering machine handle the calls. There is just so much BS between invasion of privacy, calls for money to support Fire Fighters, Police Officers, etc – by the same guy – I know his voice. I have heard it enough times to know he isn’t a Firefighter or a Policeman but someone out to suck money out of my wallet – and who knows if anyone besides him gets the money if it is sent to him. Then there are the calls for Car maintenance , fixing college debt, etc. Or even the EMERGENCY ALERT by our Governor to wear our damned masks. Not sure I want a phone.. If it weren’t for messages from the Grandchildren, and other family members I’d have no reason to have a phone at all. (I am fighting PTSD – I think – so not sure if I give a crap about anything in this world other than those I love and screw everyone and everything else. JMHO)

    1. You’re having a rough day today with your PTSD, I know…but even so, it’s the truth. I’d love to not have a phone at all, or go back to just one on the wall. And use the computer for notes and texts and pictures from family. Like back in the good old days. ?

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