Pete Told Me Just To Buy…

I have had a Dragon Touch tablet for about a year, its main purpose is to hold all of my sheet music, music books, and backing tracks I created, as well as go online so I can find more. Or should I say, WAS. It is probably the best tablet I’ve ever owned. But a couple of months ago it wouldn’t charge except with one certain cord. Shortly after that cord had to be plugged in JUST SO or it wouldn’t charge. A few days ago, as I knew would happen eventually, it just stopped charging altogether.

As you may remember I recently bought a new-to-me laptop (that I also love) and that left me with 2 others that I no longer need and plan to sell. One (HP Revolve) is wiped clean with a fresh Windows install, ready to go. The other (HP Envy) just needs me to format the drive and put a fresh Linux install on it, and it will be ready to sell also.

The Revolve is small and has a swivel screen that folds back and can be used as a tablet, so I thought I might as well use that rather than buy another tablet, its only problem being Windows. Then I spent the better part of a day trying do a fresh Linux install, but I ran into a problem: I’d bought it used 5-6 years ago, and couldn’t get into the password-protected BIOS. It will save me a lot of typing if you just trust me when I say that I tried EVERYTHING that I knew – or could find online – to do this. Then Pete attacked it mechanically. Finally, late last night, we admitted defeat and Pete told me just to buy a new tablet.

As much as I make it a point not to buy anything made in China, I had to go with another Dragon Touch. As I loved my last one (between the 2 of us, we’ve had 3), had fantastic customer service from them, and it was the easiest to read for my aging eyes, among other things, I made an exception to my rule and am expecting it to arrive by the 14th.

This time I got a 10″ screen which will be a lot easier to use, as the 7″ screen allowed only 3-4 lines of music without becoming too small to read. That means less swiping and more playing. I have a subscription to Scribd so much of the music I play uses that too. What I play the most I have saved to use offline (with the Scribd app of course) but I’m always finding new pieces and books there as well. And, I’m in the long slow process of digitizing my physical music books so I don’t have to use up precious space storing the heavy paper originals. At any rate, I’m looking forward to having a larger screen and getting back to playing from a tablet again!


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