Paganism? Surely Not!

This blog post definitely gives me something to study and to pray over.

While I’m not part of the Hebrew roots movement, I do see value in some of their ideals; in other words, I don’t dismiss everything that they believe just because it comes from the HRM. Indeed, many of their tenets have given me cause to study and pray. Like with everything that applies to my spirit and my relationship with Jesus I research from all angles, using the Word – the ENTIRE Word – as my written-in-stone yardstick.

All of that to say, when I read this I knew that I have something else to study. As I’ve matured as a Christian I have given up most of the “adaptations” mentioned, in some cases to be replaced by things that allow me to share my faith with others. For example, I’ve taken some heat for foregoing Christmas trees over the years – but each time that is an opening for discussion of the very simple creche that is displayed as a continual reminder of the meaning of the holiday (if not the actual date!). Easter is all about The Risen Christ with never an egg, bunny, or basket in sight. And most other “holidays” I ignore completely as they’re not “holy days” at all.

At any rate, this is a short and simple read, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

4 thoughts on “Paganism? Surely Not!

  1. I’m with you, though I have failed and ‘given in’ to societal pressures numerous times over the years šŸ™

    1. Me too…I wanted a tree for Mama when she was still coming to our house a lot, and then we got a little tiny one because Leelan and Lyra were hounding us too a couple of Christmases ago :). When Leelan and Casey lived with us it was important for her to decorate a tree with Leelan too…I don’t foresee a need to do it anymore though.

  2. I read the article and have heard of such in the past….I have mixed feeling about it….I know that celebrating Halloween and all is in support of the Devil….and I try and not go down the scary side or support evil or the devil and all that….I feel that there are rules about a lot of things…..If I am honoring and supporting idolatry by putting a pumpkin out or putting up a tree that has so much Jesus on it and under it well you could say that I am just excusing it all away…..but I say I am worshiping my Saviors birth, enjoying pumpkins just plain and fall leaves cause its Fall….as for Easter I celebrate my risen Lord’s resurrection and I admit I give candy to my family and have a few easter eggs out but again I don’t feel that states that I am worshiping anyone other than Jesus….for some it is not acceptable and I totally get that….what I am saying is that everyone has to handle it according to there belief in what they are doing only one himself or herself knows if they are worshiping anyone other than the Lord and if having things like a tree and easter egg is offensive to the Lord I don’t see it….now if that becomes what you focus on and not the Lord which unfortunately is a lot of society then that is a different story….churches all around the world have Christmas trees and I feel they are not taking from the Lord. I personally have not been convicted of that nor do I judge anyone that has or doesn’t feel comfortable with it…..I guess its the same thing when it comes to churches….we all have the ones we go to….to me if you believe that God the Father sent his only begotten son to die for our sins and to make a way back to him and ask Jesus as your savior to come and live inside of you….and don’t honor other Gods but him…..well that is what I understand….just my thoughts….believe me I have thought about this a lot in the past……:-)…Debbie

    1. Yes, I don’t disagree with anything you wrote :). The difference being that I have been convicted about them. But I don’t believe that including Christ when celebrating a season is a deal-breaker of course. It is where we put Him in our heart and lives, not on our mantel, that matters, as you point out. It is something that each of us has to listen to Him about and be true to His leading. In all things He is to be glorified – and I know many people who have a Christmas tree and also glorify Jesus 365 days/year in their hearts and lives. The author of this explained the things that God has put on my own heart very well, that’s why I shared it. It’s always good to think on these things every so often as a part of our growth :). Love you!

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