One Of My Rare Online Rants

I woke up this morning and, as usual, Pete was over in Junior on his radio; he meets with a couple of groups in the mornings and usually gets back before I wake up. (Junior is our travel trailer/his ham shack.) As I always do when I get up to use the bathroom, I took a quick peek out the window. Usually there is the assortment of squirrels and birds eating in the yard…but today there was a little tiny dog – a TINY dog – running around out there. I’ve never seen it before, it was a little skinny dog with long legs, I’d be surprised if it was more than 7 pounds.

It is 2F out there. I texted Pete when it started trotting over to Junior, and he tried to entice it in. No go. I thought that would be it and the dog would return to wherever it came from. But it is SO SO cold outside, so Pete put on his coat and tried to call it to him. It barked at him and pranced around but stayed just out of reach.

Where we live is fairly remote, we lease a large lot on which our motorhome – in which we live – is parked. Then next closest lot is out of our sight, across the lane on the other side of the trees and over a little hill…probably 300′ away. There is a young single gal in a travel trailer there. She has had trouble with our only other “neighbor” who is probably at least 300′ feet past her; this other neighbor we’ve had for a long time, and know her well. Nice lady, no trouble…

Anyway, new gal isn’t home. As Pete was watching, it connected with one of her 2 cats; she supposedly doesn’t have a dog, but it was apparent from watching them play that they lived together.

Fast forward a half hour later, dog is now hunched and it is obvious its feet are frozen and it is miserable. Pete was still outside, he followed the dog across the lane and the cats wanted to go into the trailer so he opened the unlocked door. He thought the dog would follow but when he turned around it was gone. It is now an hour later. Dog still gone. Animal control on the way. Owner of these beautiful leased lots called the gal, she claimed the dog was with her wherever she is. We have no idea where tiny dog is. Pete is outside in this weather waiting for animal control.

I don’t know the whole story of course. But I am sick for this little tiny creature. I hope animal control can find it and catch it. I wish Pete would just come in. We shouldn’t have to go through all of this. YES, I understand that things can happen and if that’s the case then we’re happy to help. I also know that when our old neighbor tried to help with a “stray cat”, feeding it, then getting shots and spaying, then having new neighbor call the police because our friend “stole” her cat (!)…well, I with we hadn’t gotten involved.

But that poor poor little dog. Wherever it is.

I will update in my News & Updates if/when I find out how things ended up, and especially, if the dog is ok.


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