Oh That Maisie!

So my girl is so good about everything, all the time, she never misses a beat…but then today….

One of Maisie’s tasks is to deliver things between Pete and I. She saves us a ton of steps, plus the painful ordeal of getting up from my corner for me… Anyway, we have an internet hotspot, as the only way we can get internet here is via a cellular signal. Pete had taken this little device over to Junior while he was on the nets that he gets on in the mornings. When he came back he handed it to Maisie and told her “Take it to mom!” She took it like she always does, turned toward me in the bedroom, then walked over to her water dish, dropped it in, and jumped on the bed!

WHAT THE…?!?!?

This was SO out of character for her! We were both stunned. Thankfully Pete is quicker to respond than I am, grabbed it out of the water, shook out whatever water he could, and put it in rice. We have no idea if it will still work or not…but last week we heard from our internet source (FMCA) that they’d contracted with a different provider and would be sending us a new hotspot. I sure hope it gets here soon…as wonderful as they are to deal with, I’m not sure what the FMCA Tech Connect rep would say if I had to tell him that my service dog short circuited and dumped our internet in the water!

Speaking of Maisie and the internet, we usually keep it on my window ledge – such as it is – here next to me in my corner. Sometimes I need it and will ask Maisie to bring it to me, which she gladly does, but sometimes in her attempt to grab it she knocks it into the wastebasket below instead. The first time she did it she just started down into it for a minute (it is very tiny – too small for her to stick her head into to retrieve anything!), then picked up the whole wastebasket and brought it to me! LOL, she’s a problem solver, that one!

Another time I dropped my mouse and unbeknownst to me it had fallen into my shoe, slipping down into the toe where she couldn’t reach it. After pawing at it for a minute, she just brought me the shoe.

I love her problem-solving abilities, and if there is something I need her to do but don’t know how she’d accomplish, I just tell/show her what I want and leave it up to her – she figures it out. Every. Single. Time. I’ve never known a smarter dog!

For some reason this morning I grabbed my phone to record her bringing my reading glasses from the living room where I’d left them after playing my keyboard. (Note the chux on the floor – we don’t walk the dogs when it is as cold as it is now, but they both readily will use papers which we put down in inclement or frigid weather, or when we’re not home. In a motorhome we don’t have a whole lot of options where to put them, so there they are, out in plain sight!) It’s just a short clip but so cute, I think everything this special dog does is cute though…except for drowning our internet…

3 thoughts on “Oh That Maisie!

  1. She is perfect- beautiful and amazing and so incredibly smart! It is astonishing how many words she understands and items she recognizes. You must be incredibly proud of your beautiful, smart, sweet, and precious friend/ helper.

    1. I definitely am! I had looked at hundreds – literally – of dogs online for the perfect one that I could train to help me. All I knew was that it had to be a working breed, preferably herding and guardian breed(s) mixed – and she is that! God always tells me when I’ve found whatever I was needing and this was no different, as many great dogs as I’d seen the second I saw her picture I got that instantaneous “She’s the one!” message from the Father that I’ve come to depend on. He couldn’t have chosen a better or smarter dog to assume such an important role in my life!

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