Now THIS is a Sandwich! (Low Carb)

I used the 0 net carb bread I got from Costco, the brand is Natural Ovens Bakery, for this sandwich. And this will fill me up for the rest of the day, no doubt!

Since it is grilled, the outside is buttered. The inside has mayo, roast beef, a slice of tomato, some romaine, and a slice of colby-jack cheese. Then panini’d – or panini pressed – or something along those lines. And it is so delicious it just CAN’T be low carb…can it???

(disclaimer – once again I should mention that I’m not a food photographer, in case you hadn’t noticed…?)

6 thoughts on “Now THIS is a Sandwich! (Low Carb)

  1. What???????? No Bacon???????

    Actually, a long, long time ago, Richard Simmons showed (on his TV Show) how to fry (on a flat top) Provolone cheese. It tastes exactly like bacon…..

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