VIDEO – National Rescue Dog Day 2021: Maisie’s Story

I didn’t find out until tonight what day it was, so this is late getting posted. It was a lot to put together in a short time! But this is the story of how Maisie and I came to be a pair. 13 of the 14 dogs I’ve owned were rescues, and I’ll never do it any other way! I’ve put together a slide show of her early days with us and her happily-ever-after (and mine!), and a video below that actually tells her story. Thanks for watching!

  • The day Maisie was rescued
  • The day Maisie was rescued
  • Maisie at the rescue with her puppies
  • The day we picked Maisie up from the rescue
  • Early days in our RV
  • Maisie had NO house skills...
  • ...let alone motorhome skills!
  • After a few months with us, she's growing!
  • What I see when I wake up most mornings
  • Maisie having outgrown the same chair she was in above.
  • Maisie and I are connected at the heart!

This video is also available on my Rumble account or my GabTV channel.

2 thoughts on “VIDEO – National Rescue Dog Day 2021: Maisie’s Story

  1. This was a great rescue. Maisie turned out to be a great helper for you. She took time to realize there were good people who would care for her – love her – feed her – treat her better than she could have imagined. And her puppies = they turned out to be great pets to those who adopted them into their families as well..

    1. That’s true, there was a happy ending for all 7 of them, and I will never stop being thankful that the “rescue ladies” stopped to see what was wrong that freezing day, March 31, 2018!

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