My Girl Casey

I have the best daughter ever. However, sometimes I have to wonder about her…?

Yesterday morning I got a call that Casey’s minivan wouldn’t start. We aren’t very far away (about 35 miles, all expressway) so we went to the Big City to see how we could help. We knew that her husband Bill wanted to borrow a floor jack, so Pete loaded up his, plus his tool box, and off we went. While in the area we were able to take Casey on a couple of errands she needed to run, and of course got to see the grandkids…anyway, Bill had decided on a plan of action and there was nothing more to be done until today so we came home.

Early – well, early to me – this morning Pete woke me up to tell me that he’d spoken to Bill, and was on his way there to help them get the minivan to a repair shop they found who could get it right in. So he left and as I was going through my morning routine I got a text from Pete to call Casey. So I did…and this is what I learned:

Apparently one of Bill’s friends came by a little while ago, and as they were standing outside talking and Casey was in the house working, she heard the minivan start! She ran outside, and learned that the only problem was that she had somehow left the minivan in reverse. OOPS!

There were a few very positive things that happened as a result of the minivan aggravation – VERY positive – that will help them big time, that they wouldn’t have otherwise known, and that will save them a lot of frustration in the near future. So this turned out to be a God thing. But it’s still very funny ???

2 thoughts on “My Girl Casey

  1. So glad that Casey’s van was able to start and that she will have time to handle any other things she needs to do for it…..God is watching out for them….cars are expensive to fix……:-)…Debbie

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