Musical Monday, Part 2 – Jan. 3, 2022

In Part 1 of this blog post I talked about the keyboards I have, have had, and want. But there are other considerations as well…

For much of the last year I have been unable to sit on my piano bench to play any keyboard. As my spine (and other) issues continue to progress it has simply become either too painful, or simply impossible to hold myself up for very long. More and more of my time is spent sitting at the top of my side of the bed, with pillows packed around me for comfort and support which also means my legs are elevated so less edema, and my service dog can lay on them which helps with pain control. So as you can imagine, sitting upright on a bench with my legs hanging down is far from the ideal situation for me!

Why would I be considering a new keyboard when it is such a struggle to play the ones I have, you might ask? Well it’s like this: every night when I go to bed I have full faith and confidence that the next morning all of this pain and immobility will be gone. Though that hasn’t been the case yet, I need to believe that it will be. Just not sure which morning it will be yet.

Meanwhile, I am making some changes to where I play. I have ordered some high density foam, and will make a spot on the davenport that is supportive of my spine and hips as well as elevate me to piano bench level. I have pillows that I can put at my sides to help with my arms which will hopefully alleviate the shoulder pain. If I end up needing foam wedges I can order some. And then I will move my keyboard so that it is parallel to the davenport; right now it is perpendicular at the end, with the piano bench in front of it. I’m sure I can find another spot for that though. Between the two of us I think Pete and I can find a way to elevate my legs a bit, and rig up something so I can reach the sustain pedal with my right foot. (He doesn’t know about that part of my plan yet.) Pete is very clever about rigging things up!

I have even talked about a heavy shelf and some pulleys on the bedroom ceiling so I can lower my keyboard down to my level when I want to play! I am absolutely determined to not give up on something that I have studied and enjoyed my entire life. Whatever it takes, that’s what we will do. Meanwhile I use my ukuleles and now my Otamatone…

(Aren’t you glad part 2 isn’t as long as part 1? 😉)

Thanks for reading, if you’re still with me. Opinions, suggestions, and advice all welcomed!


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