Monday Memories – April 18, 2022 Edition: Little Leelan

Due to circumstances outside of her control, Casey had to move back home with us a few days before Leelan was born. As she was going to school at night plus working full-time this seemed to be the best temporary solution. Then she took a second job at a local bank after finishing school with an eye on her future career. She wasn’t home very much in those early days of motherhood, though every spare minute she had was spent with her boy. She was a great mom, and had to make some tough but good choices about building a good life for herself and Leelan, and of course we were happy to help wherever we could especially taking care of the little guy! He was THE BEST and those times were among the most fun of our lives!

After a couple of years Casey got an apartment for the two of them a few miles away, but as she was still working 2 jobs – all day at a bank, and evenings/closing at a fast food restaurant – Leelan kept his room as it was at our house and stayed there most of the time. Whenever Casey had a day, or even a shift, off she of course took Leelan home with her. When Leelan was about 4½ Casey had progressed at her bank job to the point that she could give up fast food (she was in management by then) and move to the city where the bank was headquartered as she sought out better career opportunities…and so Leelan and Casey moved over an hour away…

Leelan still has a special place in our hearts and always will from those years we were blessed to care for him. And since he became a teenager on the 7th I’ve been looking back more and more on those days with great thanks and fondness. So here I want to share some of those memories. The vast majority of the photos are from those 4½ years, but I included a few later pictures that I consider special (such as when his first baby sister was born) so chose to share those as well.

Thank you for allowing me to share some of these memories with you.


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